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There are many good reasons to digitize and automate your B2B business and let your customers serve themselves, release sales resources to grow your business instead. Undoubtedly, the vast majority of consumers, both privately and professionally, start the customer journey on Google when they search for knowledge about products and solutions and want to buy. This trend is largely reflected in regards to the B2B market as well. Customers take the same digital shopping habits with them when sitting in a business, and therefore it makes good sense to offer your B2B customers the same opportunities to deal with you.

4 out of 5 B2B buyers primarily use the web when shopping professionally, and 7 out of 10 DKK on the buyers' budget is now used online.

Source: Dansk Erhverv, 2021


Turn the changed B2B consumer behavior to your advantage and jump on the digital bandwagon. With 52eSELLER, you get an all-in-one solution with both website, B2B, and B2C webshop and app. You only have to maintain one platform on it, and it is also much easier to make often expensive integrations with your other business systems.

Let your customers shop with you 24/7 in a B2B webshop


Mobile First - new buyers behavior

The 52eSELLER platform supports fully responsive design, so your webshop automatically adapts to all standard screen sizes, so you can meet your customers where they are. Our platform supports mobile buying behavior on both iOS and Android. We also have good experience with more complex solutions that enable the use of, e.g., the camera on mobile devices for barcode reading or RMA processes.


Full integration with your ERP

Your B2B web shop must be integrated with your ERP system so that your business processes run intact all the way through. 52eSELLER is API-based and integrates the solution smoothly and efficiently with, e.g., Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


52eSELLER all-in-one solution

With 52eSELLER, you can use the same solution to build your B2C, B2B, B2A, and B2P webshop - and use the same business logic. It saves you both time and resources to maintain only one solution. Simultaneously, it is far more economical to have one partner who takes responsibility for the solution all the way around.


Good digital customer experiences

You have the chance to optimize your customer experience if your customers get the opportunity to shop with you online, and they can quickly and easily place the order they need. Also, it will make the experience better if your customer is recognized and can, for example, re-order previous orders. The solution supports customer-specific prices and assortment, and it also elevates the customer experience.


B2B omnichannel

When you tie your physical business together with your digital online business and your customers are able to shop across your sales channels, we call it omnichannel. Good customer experiences across your sales channels are no exception in a B2B market, and the closer and better you tie your business together, the happier customers you will get!

Get rid of expensive investments


There has never been a more obvious time than now to digitize and automate your business - especially if you shop B2B. But it does not have to be a big investment project with a lot of expensive development hours and time-consuming integrations. 52eSELLER is an e-commerce solution that out-of-the-box can help you build a new, user-friendly, and highly reliable webshop with a range of standard functionalities and integrations. Therefore, you can get started for a relatively small investment, and we can help you get started in no time. As long as we know and understand your business and the way you work.

Key factors in a B2B solution


  • Buyer login
  • Possibility of re-ordering
  • Visible B2B prices and discounts
  • Possibility to combine both B2B and B2C webshops in the same platform
  • Responsive design that works optimally across devices
  • Customer and price groups
  • Close integration with ERP, PIM, and other business systems


Why you should invest in e-Commerce for your B2B business

The digital shopping experience is becoming increasingly important. For the vast majority, the shopping journey starts and ends in the online universe. The goods are going down from the virtual shelves, placed in the virtual basket, and finally delivered physically to the door. Earlier in 2020, the FDIH published a report showing that online consumption in 2019 has once again broken a new record and follow-up studies show that this trend continues to increase.

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B2B webshops lag behind B2C webshops

As consumers get used to shopping via mobile and tablet, e-commerce in B2B will also rapidly transform. Many companies already experience that their existing webshop does not live up to customers' expectations at all - and it risks costing in terms of lost revenue and perhaps even lost customers. Add to that the fact that today Google also ranks web pages according to mobile-friendliness. Then you have a strong argument for considering the future of your B2B webshop.

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9 strong SEO tips for your webshop

Organic traffic through Google is the big dream of every webshop owner. But how do you ensure with the help of SEO work that your webshop is fed with delicious and organic traffic from Google's gigantic universe? We asked Nikolaj Mogensen, who since 2008 has worked professionally with SEO optimization partly as a webshop owner, partly as Head of SEO for the digital agency, s360, which advises on and does digital marketing and SEO projects for a large number of Danish and international brands.


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What is omnichannel?

It has been almost impossible in recent years to avoid an encounter with the concept of "omnichannel." Implementing an omnichannel mindset is a burgeoning trend in retail, but what exactly does it entail? It can be difficult to find a unique definition of the term because it is still relatively new. In this blog post, however, we will try to get a little closer to what omnichannel means and make you wiser on how an omnichannel business model can be valuable to your business.


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