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A future-proof leasing management system tailored to your business

52LEASING is designed based on the latest development tools and architectures, to provide the best user experience and ideal conditions for daily operations.

It is a comprehensive leasing solution that covers most administrative tasks, with the ability to put together and deliver the solution that matches your need for support for leasing agreements.

The solution is built on Microsoft's latest technology, Dynamics 365 Business Central, which gives you a future-proof solution without costly upgrade projects.

With 52LEASING, we want to focus on leasing administration, and use recognized and widespread 3rd party applications where such meet requirements and needs.




For more than 20 years, Microsoft has provided the foundation for some of our most successful industry systems. With the new Dynamics 365 Business Central, an even better foundation has been laid for a long future with Microsoft around Dynamics 365 Business Central and 52LEASING.

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Document processing


Dox42 specializes in document automation and data integration.

The integration with Dox42 allows you to generate complex documents with data from 52LEASING automatically, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and other sources. With a plugin for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, it is easy to create and maintain templates for all kinds of documents to be published from 52LEASING.

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Continia has for many years developed add-ons for the NAV world and continues the success on Dynamics 365 Business Central, where 52LEASING benefits from, among other things: Collection Management, Payment Management, and Document Output.

This allows your company to use one of the most widespread and recognized products for document and payment management in the NAV world.

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Bytelab has a comprehensive and incredibly intuitive web-based leasing solution for self-service.

CarCommerce from Bytelab is integrated with 52LEASING. Agreements started by the customer via self-service online are automatically transferred to 52LEASING, where it is created as a leasing agreement for a customer, possibly with a debtor. In the same way, changes and creations can be accessed via CarCommerce in relevant areas so that the two systems appear as one.

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Inventory Management

Tasklet Factory

Tasklet Factory's primary focus is the development of their Mobile WMS solution.

Their barcode scanning solution helps customers optimize workflows in the warehouse and create value by providing user-friendly interfaces, easy customization, flawless ERP integration, on / offline functionality, and excellent service.

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RKI lookup


Experian helps companies manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing, and automate decision-making processes.

With 52LEASING and an agreement with Experian, you get the opportunity for look-up's RKI as an integral part of the customer validation process.

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PEP scanning


Bisnode structures and transform data to create value for their customers.

With an integration from 52LEASING to Bisnode, it is possible to create new customers with data and accounting figures directly retrieved from Bisnode, including real owners and company connections, just as it will be possible to live up to PEP scanning and money laundering rules.

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Document exchange

B2B Backbone

B2B Backbone provides solutions for electronic document exchange.

With B2B Backbone, you can meet your customers' and partners' requirements for EDI, digital commerce - simply and automatically. B2B Backbone can handle all types of documents and trading scenarios in the formats that your partners want.

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Reports og analysis


With the solutions from insightsoftware, customers are offered full access to accurate and controlled business data, anywhere.

Jet Reports and Jet Analytics provide unmatched access to data through flexible reporting and rapid analysis.

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Logistics and warehouse management


Apport has optimised warehouse logistics for businesses all over Scandinavia since2000. The foundation is a strong WMS, however it is our focus on people and process ofchange which makes the difference.

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