Intelligent integration between POS and ERP system



It can have consequences if your systems aren't tied together with intelligent integration. One of the main consequences may be that prices and item numbers aren't updated simultaneously with the exact data. When you connect your POS and ERP systems, you ensure that your business data is continuously updated across systems in real-time.

8 benefits


Our solution - 52RETAIL ERP - integrates your 52RETAIL POS and your Business Central ERP system. An intelligent integration between your POS and ERP system provides valuable and long-term benefits.
The benefits are, e.g.:

  • Consistent data updated in real-time
  • Scalability and future-proofing
  • A good customer experience
  • Time optimization and economic benefits
  • High reliability
  • Cost-effective inventory management
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better financial overview
Business Central


Fiftytwo is Microsoft certified as well as Microsoft Gold Partner. Our retail ERP integration is tailored to Microsoft's ERP system, Business Central. We have D365 consultants and developers who ensure that our 52RETAIL ERP is continuously updated when new versions of Business Central launches.

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Consistent data in real-time

When you create and maintain data, your changes permeate across POS and ERP systems simultaneously. Therefore all your data, such as product information, prices, item numbers, and customer information, is identical across systems.

Scalability and future-proofing

Your retail ERP and BC are set up according to best practice, which means that your integration is always up to date with Microsoft's guidelines. The setup is kept to a minimum, and upgrades are carried out smoothly.

Good customer experiences

The foundation for giving your customers the best shopping experience is that your entire business is connected, and your data is accurate. With accurate data, you ensure that your customers always get the right information - e.g., prices.

Time optimization and economic benefits

With a retail ERP integration, your store managers work in a system intended for their needs as all your store functions are available from 52RETAIL POS and your backend. When your store employees do not need to access your ERP system, you will experience some financial savings and avoid human errors.

High reliability

With 52RETAIL ERP, you avoid running your POS and ERP in the same ecosystem. Running to separate systems can benefit you by preventing possible malfunctions simultaneously shutting down both your ERP and POS.

Cost-effective inventory management

Your sales are continuously imported into your ERP; this ensures that your inventory data are always correct. Thus, you can accurately plan when to restock items and reduce lost revenue from sold-out items.

Increased flexibility

You can easily add new stores without a significant setup as well as create new employees. When you create a new employee in your ERP system, it will immediately permeate your POS, and your employee will be ready to help your customers instantly.

Better financial overview

You can compose consolidated BI reports as all transaction data is in tables. It is also possible to extract data continuously during opening hours such as sales data, and hourly sales.

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