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A flexible subscription management solution that digitalize your publishing business.

52SUBSCRIPTION let's you easily manage subscribers and their subscriptions and customize plans to offer flexible subscription options that fit your needs and preferences. Traditional newspaper and magazine subscription can now be combined with other subscription models including digital that gives you the opportunity to grow your business. 

Offers flexible subscription options

Today’s subscribers want a personal subscription plan that fits their needs of what, how and when. 52SUBSCRIPTION lets you offer flexible subscription models and products.

  • Create your own product mixes and plans that attract more and new subscribers
  • Give subscribers the possibility to decide when and where they’ll receive their media
  • Go multichannel and offer your products in different ways and plans
  • Plan, deliver and evaluate sales promotions

Focuses on subscribers

Subscription management is all about creating great experiences, therefore 52SUBSCRIPTION centers around the subscribers. All subscriptions start with the subscriber.

  • Build relationships with your subscribers and respond to their preferences
  • Get the full overview of each subscriber and their subscriptions
  • Design plans, consumption models and payment options to offer individual choices
  • Let subscribers tailor what content they need

Takes advantage of the familiar Microsoft Dynamics platform

52SUBSCRIPTION is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV which lets you enter a well-known environment and take advantage of a solution connected to your business.

  • Capitalize on a well-known and tested global platform
  • Use existing Dynamics infrastructure, processes and know-how to create a state-of-the-art subscription platform that works the way your business already works
  • Improve security with role-based user management
  • Configure and manage from anywhere in the world

Makes distribution more efficient

Ensuring that subscribers get their print media on the right time and right place is crucial. With 52SUBSCRIPTION you’ll get the complete overview of addresses, partners and more. 

  • Streamline your distribution by getting a clear overview of available distribution companies, their router coverage, pickup points and delivery costs
  • Quickly add new addresses, search for route coverage and start/stop subscriptions
  • Ensure data are valid and the same with a simple and easy to use look-up tool for address search and validation in public address databases

Improves customer service

Understand your subscribers to deliver excellent customer service. 52SUBSCRIPTION gives you the full overview of each individual subscriber and their subscriptions.

  • Give customer service staff easy access to all information about subscribers and their subscriptions
  • Work smarter with automatic works flows and free time to focus on customers
  • Be proactive and offer relevant solutions, plans and products to subscribers

Integrates with your other business solutions

Get the possibilities to work as you want with the applications you need to maximize your business. 52SUBSCRIPTION can work with your other solutions. 
  • Work with your favorite applications and keep data centralized
  • Eliminate silo systems

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