Mette Kuhlmann Frandsen

Automate processes – and have time to service your leasing customers

Automation of processes may not sound like it involves people. But it does – especially the part that deal with the direct contact with the customers and the servicing of them.

When you choose to streamline your business with a leasing management system, it will free resources, increase efficiency and give the employees more time to service new and future customers. And you should use it the right way.

Download our cheat sheet to get an overview of the most asked questions from  customers which helps to create structure in your communication to provide  better customer service.



Your customer service is a key aspect when you have to improve your bottom line and increase the competitive strength. Unfortunately, it is certainly not everyone who understand the importance of the good customer experience – and that makes it even more important for you to do it. You have to improve your performance so that it is above average. Everyday. And this i where your leasing management system plays an important part. Here are some of the boosts for your customer service, your system will be able to provide.



  • Your employees will spend less time on the processes that previously were manual – such as calculations and contract work
  • Since all relevant data is available, your employees can at any time locate agreements and check the status. This entails that agreements are not left stranded at the employees and helps to streamline the work processes further.
  • Customers do not have to wait for approval but can receive an evaluation of their leasing possibilities on the spot.


  • It is easier for your employees to form a general view of the customer and its agreements
  • By doing so it is easier for the employees to give the customers the correct information at the right time
  • Agreements and contracts become more manageable for the customer when the processes behind are automated
  • The number of mistakes is automatically minimized when the number of manual processes are minimized
  • You will be able to create a knowledge bank, in which you collect the most important questions from the customers, that way your employees will always be able to answer all questions on the spot regardless of seniority


  • Your employees will have freed resources to reach out to customers and help them before they approach – whether that being physical or through e-mail
  • Your company will be abreast of services before the need arises. This could for example be through e-mail automation
  • It will give more energy for the things that create value for your customers – time for them and their demands
  • It becomes easier and more manageable for your employees to deliver a good or extra service, such as changing the car in the middle of a leasing period.

Control communication with your customers

A place to start is to look at your customer communication. They often ask the same questions and need the same information in a certain order. Meeting your customers’ demands for fast and efficient answers, you can provide a great experience when doing business with you. You can even standardize your answers and beat your customers to it by proactively ensuring the productive dialogue.

We’ve created a cheat sheet that gives you’re an overview of the most asked questions from both private and business leasing customers.  

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