Mette Kuhlmann Frandsen

Automatization in the leasing industry leads to better customer service

Heavy regulated industries, such as leasing and finance, can benefit from automating their processes – it’s cheaper, faster and more secure. It can affect the efficiency negatively when employees use bags of time to manage and move data manually. Time that, in the end, customers loose.


By automating part of the business and creating flows to manage some of your repeating and routine tasks, you remove routine tasks from the hands of your employees and put them in the hands of software that will carry out the tasks within a process – and carry them out even faster and more precise. Thereby, you’ll free time for your consultants to concentrate on the part of your business that requires human intelligence, judgement, and interaction with the customer.

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By automating processes and setup of taskflows you will achieve the following:


1. You’ll have more manpower

When automating the management of your leasing contract mass, you will ensure that the employees do not use time on manually moving data and at the same time you will avoid that any processes come to a standstill if only a few selected employees have access to them.


2. The service level will increase significantly

The individual consultant can now work more goal-oriented with the customers and you’ll be able to be more proactive in your service. This could happen by sending the customers the right information at the right time in relation to how far the customer is in the process – for example an e-mail that highlight certain parts of the contract, which the customers typically forget to read, such as insurance conditions and service. It could also be sending out lists to customers that are reaching their maximum mileage – on how to calculate it in the best manner and what their options are, if they want to buy more kilometers.


3. The digitalization of data ensures knowledge sharing

In a world where we expect to receive answers right away, it’s crucial that your employees provide customers the sought-after information right away. Whenever difficult work flows are digitalized it also means that it’s easier for employees to access the necessary information, be more knowledgeable and give an answer more quickly – resulting in an even better customer service. At the same time, you’ll avoid that information is person-dependent on any of your employees. The security is increased, while your employees have a common starting point, from which they can access the available data.


Do automation and creating task flows not play a great part in your business, it should do in the future. The more you manage to use the automation tactically and operationally, the more you’ll benefit from it. And the more time your employees will use on your customers instead.


Control communication with your customers

A place to start is to look at your customer communication. They often ask the same questions and need the same information in a certain order. Meeting your customers’ demands for fast and efficient answers, you can provide a great experience when doing business with you. You can even standardize your answers and beat your customers to it by proactively ensuring the productive dialogue.

We’ve created a cheat sheet that gives you’re an overview of the most asked questions from both private and business leasing customers.

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