Pernille Hinnerskov Jensen

Case story: BAUHAUS – less manual work via the use of an optimized and effective hand-held terminal solution

BAUHAUS had a great wish to create a more modernized version of their hand-held terminal solution, which they use during intake of goods and stocktaking for sales and customer service. They experienced that the existing hand-held terminal didn’t meet the digital development and therefore the old functions did not meet the technological needs and requirements for BAUHAUS. Due to this, Fiftytwo has helped with moving existing applications to a modern solution and optimized some of the applications in the process.



BAUHAUS had the challenge that their hand-held solution wasn’t modern enough for the market and not fully functional for the job to be done perfectly. Their former hand-held solution was based on the same code language as their ERP solution, which can be a challenge in relation to finding qualified developers that know this specific code. That’s why BAUHAUS would like help from Fiftytwo to reimplement the apps from the old hand-held solution to a new and modern platform developed in .NET.

The old hand-held solution had an old-fashioned look and feel, and it was difficult to train new staff in the use of the terminal due to design limitations that only allow text and no pictures.



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