Anna Hee Ustvedt

How the Government's initiatives against insanity driving will affect the leasing industry

The leasing companies have involuntarily come into focus after several violent episodes of insane driving in the so-called muscle cars, which according to the police are often driven by gang members


This is what DR wrote in an article from August last year. In the article, they take a close look at the problem with the use of so-called strawmen when people lease cars with the purpose of insane driving. "The problem is that in many cases the driver is not the owner of the vehicle; it is leased and appears in another person's name, a so-called strawman ", they write.

With nine new initiatives, the Government aims to remove the mad motorists from the streets and strengthen safety and security on Danish roads. Among other things, it must happen by expanding the police's ability to confiscate cars used for insane driving, with a more significant effort against the use of strawmen in leasing.

regering nye tiltag

The car must be confiscated - regardless of who owns it

If an insane driver today drives a leased car, the police can only, to a minimal extent seize it, for confiscation.
That is likely to change now. According to the Government's initiative, the police will in future confiscate a car used for insane driving - unless there are special reasons for not doing so. It also applies if the vehicle is not owned by the driver but by a third party, e.g., a leasing company. This means that the police will seize, confiscate, and put cars up for auction, regardless of who the owner is.

This has consequences for the leasing companies because the car is not returned to them but is resold, after which the money goes to the Government. In an interview with DR from the beginning of the year, Christian Brandt, director of the industry association Finans og Leasing, states that this initiative: "will affect the wrong ones".

Today, it can be difficult for leasing companies to assess whether law-abiding citizens or border-seeking insane drivers get behind the wheel of their cars. Therefore, they have, for a long time, called for a better opportunity to investigate customers' finances and criminal history.


We must remove the so-called strawmen

A huge problem is the so-called strawmen who lease the cars for the insane drivers. According to the police, this method has a special connection to the gangs. Gang members lease cars through others, probably socially disadvantaged with a poor economy.

It is based on falsified payslips that are hard for leasing companies to validate because they lack the necessary access to information such as the economy and criminal record. That is why today, it is challenging to fight the strawman companies.

To solve the problem, the Ministry of Taxation is set to investigate the possibility of giving a limited group of leasing companies of motor vehicles access to eSkatData. This is an essential step in the right direction, as leasing companies with access to eSkatData can gain insight into whether a potential lessor has entered the correct information.