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Outdated Lease Management systems come at a high price

Investing in a modern system for administrating leasing agreements can be quite profitable for companies. A modern system cannot only automate processes, but it can also create transparency in the organization, and release time for each employee. This will digitalize the leasing administration and strengthen it for future challenges.

Employees often waste valuable time on manual processes and complicated work procedures, due to old and non-flexible systems that don’t work together seamlessly. Valuable time that could be spent on customer service and corporate profits. Lack of automatization leads to the consequence of resources being used on manual administration of contracts, documents and data and the level of transparency is very low. Try our calculator to find out how you can make the most out of your resources if you digitalize your processes.



Different systems that don’t work seamlessly will force your employees to work separately without being able to share knowledge or help each other across the organization. Your employees will be trapped in manual work processes and inefficiency, which will come at a great cost.

Optimization of Employee Performance

You’re probably familiar with some of the problems we’re going to list here – and if that’s the case, it’s a clear sign that your system is outdated. But we can help you!
If your company is already a user of Dynamics NAV or consider implementing the platform, we can build a modern Lease Management solution that works on top of your existing NAV solution. The new Lease Management solution will be integrated with the rest of your system, so no previous IT investments will be lost.

Dynamics NAV is a global ERP solution used for financial management and it simplifies processes related to supply chain, production and operations. This solution focus on simplifying work load for employees. This is done by gathering data and integrating the solution with other systems which leaves the employees with more time on their hands for customer care. Data can easily be exchanged across systems and a system with automated processes will benefit your company: Cost is low and job satisfaction increases.


Complex rules make the demand grow

A Lease Management solution adds a lot of value to your company, such as increasing efficiency in work procedures, streamline business processes and it creates a transparent flow in all corporate activities. The Lease Management solution supports the new demands for account management in relation to recalculation of the proportional registration tax. This demand has complicated work procedures for leasing companies and it has increased the need for a modern solution for administrating leasing agreements.

A Lease Management system will create a base for locating your data in the cloud – by doing this, you’ll be able to take full advantage of new technology and automated processes. This method is not only cheaper, but also more secure for your company regarding data exchange across systems.


Danish development and support

Lease Management from Bording Data is a 100% Danish developed leasing/loan solution based on the needs of the specific company. The solution is developed in close corporation with customers and it secures Danish support. Danish Navision consultants are ready to support the customer if challenges occur. This support will be crucial for your company, unless you have a big on-site IT department – especially if you value quality and efficient support. The Danish consultants know all about your system, Danish regulations and how it relates to your specific situation and company.

With the new NAV 2018, Microsoft has made implementation of changes easier thanks to a new development method, which has all programming separated from the system itself. This makes it easier for the user to adjust the screen display for it to fit the user in question. Previously, complications took place when upgrading to a new version of NAV – but with the new version and development method it’s no longer the case.


A lot of good reasons

With all the above information about the new Lease Management system it can be difficult to argue against not upgrading to our system. The Lease Management system is especially relevant for companies that are on the lookout for implementing automated work procedures which will help your employees maintain an overview of processes, agreements and contracts.

At last, it’s possible to conclude that the Lease Management system will be visible on the bottom line. The effectiveness will be visible directly in your financial report and it’ll leave out more time for customer care – both new and existing customers will benefit.

Benefits from using Lease Management:

  • Automatic and effective processes
  • “Silos” will be eliminated and transparency created
  • A Flow and data exchange in the system will be created
  • The Danish developed solution will be developed in corporation with the customer
  • Danish experts are ready to support you

Are you still in doubt whether you should upgrade your current system? Use our calculator to see how much you’ll save in resources investing in our system!

How much can you save changing to Lease Management?

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