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Introducing document automation for leasing administration

We are happy to announce the new partnership between Fiftytwo and dox42 which makes Fiftytwo the first and only reseller of dox42’s document automation tool add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Denmark.

Strategic partnership between Fiftytwo and dox42 to make everyday document management easier for leasing businesses.

Car leasing to both consumers and businesses has become increasingly popular because of the many advantages. Concurrently with an evolving market, there’s a need to simplify the administration and automate processes to free time for leasing consultants and enable them to focus their time around customers to provide better service and assist even more customers.

Dox42 has specialized in document automation and makes it easy to generate documents with integrated data directly from leasing businesses’ own Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. dox42 Document Creator enables direct access to Dynamics 365 Business Central data in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The use of Dynamics 365 Business Central special features like Field Captions, Option Captions, BLOB Fields and FlowFields is fully supported. Additionally, an adaption of the security concept of Business Central with permission sets, data recall in multitenancy environments is possible, as well as full support of companies.

Fiftytwo integrates the add-in into our lease management solution to enable document automation for leasing businesses. The integration will simplify leasing administration and turn manual work processes into automated processes. This will eliminate time used on creating the same documents multiple times and hence remove errors.

Our partnership with dox42 adds value to our lease management solution and ensure that our customers get the complete digital solution where time-consuming tasks are automated. Dox42 optimizes our lease management development within document integration, as well as provide our customers with an easy-to-use interface to create templates.
Henrik Salicath, CEO, Fiftytwo

About dox42

dox42 is a software manufacturer specialized in document automation and data integration. dox42, based in Vienna, Austria, serves international companies from various industries.

dox42 is an innovative software product for document automation and data integration – flexible, powerful and intuitive. 

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We warmly welcome Fiftytwo as our first partner in Denmark. During our discussions I was impressed by the careful, knowledgeable but at the same time innovative approach of Fiftytwo to develop its lease management software, paying proper attention to the important details of the software – like document automation – in order to create a real benefit for its customers. I am looking forward to a great partnership.
Christian Bauer, CEO, dox42