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Press release: AL Finans conquers the future with 52LEASING

Optimized business structures and sublime customer care make the difference in a competitive leasing market. With a new IT system that streamlines and automates administrative processes, AL Finans will release resources that in the future can be allocated to customer-facing activities and services. The system is future-proof and developed by the Danish software company Fiftytwo.

Stable response times close to real-time. Innovative products that are ahead of the competition and updated according to the law. Uniform and yet flexible case management. These are some of the important competitive parameters in the Danish market for private and business leasing, factoring, and loan financing. With the purchase of a new leasing system, 52LEASING, AL Finans will be at the forefront of the field.

"It is imperative to AL Finans, that we can offer our business partners attractive, competitive advantages through our solutions and services. In this, our IT structure is essential. Today, customers expect to receive a consistent, high level of service. That they get immediate response to their financing application and that all documents are ready for signing in a few minutes. It is crucial to AL Finans to get an IT solution that can operate our products within loans and leasing - now and in the future - and that gives our customers and customers' customers an optimal experience. It is a big decision to change the backbone of the company's IT system, and you must be sure to reap both competitive advantages and future momentum with the new solution. We ensure this with 52LEASING ". 

-Johan Ploug Aagaard, Director of Strategy and Business Development, AL Finans

AL Finans decided two years ago that the time had come to modernize or replace the company's nine-year-old IT system. AL Finans began a screening and dialogue phase with amongst others their previous supplier, and Fiftytwo, who has recently developed a modern, digital and future-proof solution. The solution allows efficient management of the entire leasing process automating standard workflows. This enables resources to be moved from time-consuming, manual routines to customer-facing activities. 

Developed for growth
AL Finans has been looking for an IT solution that can contribute to the company's business strategic development in the years to come. It has been essentialto be able to build the future on a system that does not present obstacles, but instead provides opportunities to grow the number of customer and partner agreements, and to develop new products and services. The economy of developing and implementing new functions is even more attractive, as the solution is based on a proven and widely used platform.

"52LEASINGis based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and that contributes to making our new solution future proof, as it is able to work with a variety of other systems and third-party products, that are either already developed or will be in the future. It is crucial for us that we work with a proven and stable platform, which we can expand and further develop as needed. In addition, we get a good overview of tire cost structure," says Johan Ploug Aagaard.

"Completing development, implementation, and potential enhancement of the solution is done in close collaboration with Fiftytwo, and we have already had so much effortlessly handed to us just just from working with a Danish IT partner. With half an hour's notice we can meet physically with the people responsible for the development and knowledge about our market, competitive situation, not to mention the Danish legislation we are faced with. It gives peace of mind and more importantly a better IT solution," says Johan Ploug Aagaard

Fiftytwo is one of the most experienced and competent Danish software companies working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Jan Johannes Kyhnæb is Business Development Manager of D365 and Leasing at Fiftytwo.

"The platform allows us to build new external solutions into the solution continuously, thus making it future-proof. At the same time, we have created a flexible model that provides the opportunity to adapt and expand the system with exactly the applications our customers need to be able to utilize their business and market potential to the fullest," says Jan Johannes Kyhnæb. 

Under the name Bording Data, Fiftytwo has developed and delivered IT solutions since 1952. In 2018, the company chose to change its name to Fiftytwo as part of a new marketing strategy. 


Great expectations for knowledge sharing

Early in the process, AL Finans had the opportunity to discuss the potential of52LEASINGwith companies that had already purchased and implemented the solution. "IT systems are based on cold facts and features, but good chemistry with the supplier also plays a significant role. It has been incredibly beneficial that we have been invited to dialogue with Fiftytwo's existing customers early in the process. We expect to continue with this exchange of experience and knowledge sharing so that together we can further develop the solution," says Johan Ploug Aagaard. 

AL Finans has existed since 1935 and is a subsidiary of Arbejdernes Landsbank, which in 2019 for the 12th year in a row was named the Danes' preferred bank. As a financing company, AL Finans offers solutions for both individuals and companies.


Furter information

Johan Ploug Aagaard
Director of Strategy and Business Development, AL Finans
Tlf. +45 43 24 49 09

Jan Johannes Kyhnæb
Business Development Manager, Fiftytwo
Tlf. +45 24 42 92 76


AL Finans indtager fremtiden med 52LEASING