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Retailers need to think outside the box

In a time where e-commerce is getting bigger and bigger and several retail giants have gone bankrupt it’s more crucial than ever that brick-and-mortar stores can offer an exceptional shopping experience to their customers – or are able to connect the two in a perfect way. It requires that retailers are being creative and taking advantage of all the technologies available.

When retailers today are experimenting with new technologies and new ways of doing things they’re often doing it in a pop-up shop. This is a good way to test new things but also to build exclusivity and hype about brand and products.

“Like Google, brands are jumping on the bandwagon to include experiental retail in their brick-and-mortars or open their own pop-up stores where experiences take center stage,” DigiDay reports in this article from Digital Diary.

A great example of innovation and all the above – from connecting e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores to taking advantage of the pop-up shop – is the recent cooperation between LEGO Wear and Snapchat. They opened a pop-up shop together to promote a limited-edition clothing line for adults. Now, one would assume that the pop-up shop would feature the clothing line, but it didn’t. The store was all empty besides a plinth-posted Snapcode that sent the customers to a virtual shop with access to the exclusive products.

"This is an experiment exploring ways to bridge the physical and digital world and engage with fans of the LEGO brand - for us the core experience is still about using imagination to combine bricks in creative ways, and we see technology as an extension and enhancement of the physical experience.” – Lea Sandell, Global Social Media Innovation Lead for LEGO, says in this article from Forbes.


Try new technologies

There are various technologies to play with when trying to attract and impress the customers. We have previous written about technologies you should be aware of here. In the case with LEGO Wear and Snapchat AR is the key technology:

“LEGO Group and Kabooki have worked with our free Lens Studio software to build an AR retail experience you can actually step into, explore and make a purchase in. Essentially it’s a fun, innovative retail space, but rather than a physical store, it can be opened anywhere at anytime.” – Will Scougal, Director EMEA Creative Strategy at Snap, says in this article from Forbes.

Don’t be afraid to try something new the next time you’re opening a store or launching a product! The competition about the customers is on and you must be aware of the ongoing development to keep up.


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