Mette Kuhlmann Frandsen

Train store staff and improve customer experience

It’s not technology but your employees that determine success of your retail chain. The more you support your employees in doing their job and in the interaction with customers the greater chance you have of success. And here technology plays a significant role. Do you train your staff?


Satisfied employees give better customer service

Businessman Richard Branson who is probably best known for his strong Virgin brand is among those who are praising the importance of employees and has been quoted for:

“Clients don’t come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”

One way to take care of your employees is by giving them the right tools. Here's a checklist to 5 area where you can start.

Employees as a determining factor of success is linked to technology as a facilitating element in the book “Refresh Retail” published by Retail Institute Scandinavia:

“Technology is ubiquitous and is, when optimally implemented, an active co-player in the personal meeting and thereby to loyalty through great experience. Technology can support the role of the employees and release time and resources to customer care.”

Dorte Wimmer mentions this as “The DigiHuman Touch” and dedicates an entire chapter in the book where she among other things writes that

“Employees are the determining factor of success now and in the future.”

So how are you making sure that your employees have the best possible tools?



How technology becomes a helping hand

With the right technology you’re making operations more efficient and in doing so you’re making the work days easier for your employees. When technology is an element in the direct interaction with customers it also contributes to making the customer experience better and the service more efficient.

In the direct interaction with customers it might be relevant for the staff to be able to retrieve all relevant information directly on the till or perhaps they need to be able to freely move around and follow the customer around the store with mobile payment solutions. No matter what the needs are in your retail chain you should be aware of the options and ensure you’re using them in the best possible way. Your POS giving you access to relevant information is one of the 5 factors of success with technology in future retail which we have put together in a check list for you.


Here’s a short cut – create an overview with our checklist

You can download our checklist and create an overview of what you specifically should pay attention to when you’re establishing the technological foundation for your retail chain.


Checklist: 5 areas you can’t compromise

We have made a checklist going through five areas you can’t compromise if you want to ensure efficient operation and great customer experiences across all sales channels.

The checklist gives you a quick overview of what you particularly must be aware of when you’re assessing the technological foundation beneath your retail chain. If you take these five parameters into account, you’ll stand stronger, create cohesion and be able to meet the development in a changing market.

Download checklist now