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What applications integrates with 52LEASING from Fiftytwo?

Because lease management solutions have the purpose of making work processes easier for each employee by collecting data and integrate it with other applications, it’s crucial that the solution is capable of integrating to current applications within your company and seamlessly exchange data across all of them.



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52LEASING from Fiftytwo is based on the latest technology from Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and can be added on top of your current ERP solution no matter what you already use and integrates with many 3. Party applications. The purpose of the wide variety of integrations is to remove silos, create transparency and support business processes using online and dynamic updates across all applications.


Solutions that 52LEASING integrates with:


Payment collection (Collection Management)

There’re several options for collecting customer payment, that 52LEASING is able to handle through integrations to 3. Party products from Continia. Likewise there’re several options for receiving payment through integration to Continia. It means that everything can be managed using 52LEASING and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Payment service registration (Collection Management)

It’s possible to register customers to payment services directly from 52LEASING – The registrations is created online using NETS.


Supplier invoice payment

It’s possible to integrate manage payment of supplier invoices through integration to Continia Payment Management. Another options is to use the service conversion of bank data through AMC Banking, which is a standard Dynamics NAV feature.


Credit report

Integrations to for example Bisnode, IDQ and Experian ensures that your company meet the credit policy of the financial corporation when using 52LEASING: These services offer access to different information based on CVR numbers making it possible for your company to identify as many risks as possible before final approval of the leasing contract.


Car information

The integration to Digital Registration (Digital Tinglysning in Denmark), makes it possible to register directly in the Car Book, where you also check if there is mortgage and unpaid debt.


Statistic data

Using 52LEASING you’re able to look up data across tables to find the exact information you need.

If the need arises for other integrations or add-ons to optimize your processes, it can easily be implemented because the architecture of 52LEASING is designed for integration through for example web services.

The latest update to Business Central has made it even easier to create changes. At the same time, the encoding is placed outside the solution, which no longer requires large costs when customizing and upgrading the solution - neither financial or timewise.

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