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The Danish clothing and design manufacturer Art-Studio desperately needed a new website – Bording Vista came to the rescue!

The Danish company Art-Studio, which produces custom-made clothing for companies in several different industries, desperately needed a new website. Since the company had already chosen to base its clothing production in Bangladesh, Bording Vista was a natural choice, as its headquarters are in Dhaka, and therefore knows all the ins and outs of the local conditions.

One of the most important criteria for Art-Studio was to create a more user-friendly and manageable website that was accessible from all types of media. The needs were covered in cooperation with Bording Vista, and the possibilities were gone through together. The result was a website that is contemporary, professional and responsive to computers, tablets and smartphones.


It only took two weeks to develop

It is not enough that a website looks good; it has be functional and fast too. The new website is built around Joomla CMS, which gives Art-Studio a free hand to make any future updates and corrections. Furthermore, all the outdated Flash banners were replaced by modern Javascript, which creates a much better user experience.

Art-Studio needed a website that could contain large amounts of information and images. This meant there had to be a strong focus on speed and image optimisation, as well as optimisation for mobile devices.

Once the design and material were determined, the team of graphic designers and software developers went ahead; in just 2 weeks, Art-Studio's new website was ready to be used.


We are pleased with the cooperation and extremely satisfied with the preliminary result, which we are looking forward to adjusting and upgrading each year. We need an up-to-date, trendy website, which is why Bording Vista has been an optimal partner.

- Anita Gregersen, Managing Director, Art-Studio 


Time to focus on the core business

By upgrading the website to being responsive and using modern web technologies that can be displayed on all platforms, the number of potential visitors on Art-Studios website grew significantly. Using a Content Management System means future adjustments and changes will be quick and easy to implement, giving Art-Studio more time to focus on their core business.

Art-Studio has finally got a modern and trendy website – just like they wanted.

Bording Vista took care of the entire process: from design to development and will also be responsible for future updating operations.

Read more about Bording Vista here, and have a look at the finished website.