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With an assortment of 60,000 items and offering a price guarantee as part of its concept, you can easily understand why BAUHAUS is one of the most popular DIY chains in Denmark. But it makes great demands on a company to successfully manage a business model like this.

The huge quantity of goods, the thousands of daily cash transactions and the extensive data exchange between the stores requires a system that is not only flexible, but also reliable and stable.

The combination of AGETOR, UNISTAR and ViKING addresses these challenges in an elegant, user-friendly and efficient way; AGETOR handles the data exchange between warehouses and suppliers, providing data and functionality to employees through web-based interfaces.

ViKING sends all receipt transactions online to UNISTAR and allows employees to analyse this data – all before the customer even leaves the warehouse.

The combination of the 3 programs gives BAUHAUS Denmark a unique real-time insight into the company without compromising the user-friendliness or flexibility. It doesn't just make the working day easier for buyers, shop assistants and warehouse workers, but ultimately also provides a more satisfying shopping experience for the customer.