Fiftytwo wins Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering because of a local development team and strong Microsoft skills

Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering

An open and equal dialogue with Fiftytwo's Danish team, ongoing physical follow-up meetings and deep insight into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - these were some of the crucial parameters when Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering chose Fiftytwo as a partner in the development of their new leasing platform, 52LEASING.

This is the short and clear announcement from IT and finance manager Rune Limkilde, who is Dansk ErhvervsFinansering's chief architect in the development of one of the most up-to-date IT platforms on the leasing market.

It is absolutely essential that 52LEASING has listened so much to the wishes and needs of modern leasing companies for a future system, and therefore it can do so much more than the competitors.

- Rune Limkilde, Finance Manager, Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering 

Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering is part of Totalbanken and has, among other things specialized in the leasing of equipment for transport, agriculture, industry and construction. The company's former management system had, after many years of faithful service, reached its expiration date. Therefore, back in 2018, the management decided to enter a partnership with Fiftytwo to build a completely new and future-proof digital leasing platform from scratch.

"It is no secret that it is a heavy and sometimes complex task to develop such a large and comprehensive system from scratch, as we have done with Fiftytwo. The fact that we on a short notice have been able to get hold of Fiftytwo's development team and sit side by side and dialogue in Danish has made the development process very smooth”, he says.

And according to Jan Kyhnæb, who as Business Development Manager, has had the overall responsibility for the development collaboration at Fiftytwo, the local anchoring and easily accessible Danish-speaking teams are absolutely crucial for a project of this type of task.

The dreaded scenario for many is to be sent around in different time zones with the risk of being thrown into the hands of poorly English-speaking developers. Trend-setting industry solutions rarely come out of this.

- Jan Kyhnæb, Business Development Manager, Fiftytwo


Local roots and unique expertise

"It is clear that it is with a certain anxiety that you start such a big task with a new partner that you do not know very well yet - even if the chemistry from the start was super good. But thankfully, my immediate worries were quickly put to shame. In addition to the local anchoring, which has been important to us, Fiftytwo has a completely unique expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365. And that has been a crucial foundation for the journey we have been on for the last two and a half years”, says Rune Limkilde.

He also makes no secret of the fact that it has been an exciting task to help shape the development of a new, modern IT system that, among other things, automates and optimizes all workflows at Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering.

It is absolutely essential that 52LEASING has listened so much to the wishes and needs of modern leasing companies for a future system, and therefore it can do so much more than the competitors.

In collaboration with Fiftytwo, we have created a leasing platform that not only makes everyday life easier for our employees. 52LEASING also provides us with a solid foundation for the future development of new products and services while the system increases our security and facilitates the work around GDPR.

- Rune Limkilde, Økonomichef, Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering 

Builds a bridge to the best systems

Fiftytwo is a trusted Microsoft partner and one of the most experienced development houses in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Therefore, it is only natural that the 52LEASING platform for Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering is based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365. At the same time, it ensures a smooth connection to a wide range of the best systems on the market.

The opportunity to continuously build new external solutions into the leasing platform, and thus make it extremely future proof, has been crucial for the project.


Our customers always come first in everything we do. It is part of our DNA to deliver value, insight and innovative solutions to and with our customers. Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering and 52LEASING are another good proof of this. 

- Jan Kyhnæb, Business Development Manager, Fiftytwo


For Fiftytwo's D365 Solution Architect, Kim Ginnerup, one of the really positive things about developing 52LEASING in close collaboration with customers is the very important sparring. It makes the whole thing so much easier when you can just pick up the phone and e.g. call Rune Limkilde directly and ask for important details, and then get a useful answer immediately.

“We have a fantastic collaboration with Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering, and in general we experience that our customers often think beyond just benefits for their own business. Several times we experience that they have come up with proposals for generalizations and improvements of work areas, so that it benefits other leasing customers. And it is also one of the great strengths of having a close collaboration”, explains Kim Ginnerup.



  • Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering is headquartered in Aarup on Funen and specializes in leasing equipment for transport, agriculture, industry, and construction.

  • The company is owned by Totalbanken and helps companies avoid tying up liquidity in the company's equipment and get the benefits of having updated equipment

  • Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering are experts in finding flexible solutions that optimally suit the individual customer's situation and needs

Read more about Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering on their website

Foto: Morten Degn Frandsen



  • Migrate data such as customer overviews from 52LEASING to Excel easily and much faster

  • Manage individual status flows and tasks - it provides excellent administrative relief that the system remembers which tasks are missing and removes those that have been performed

  • An intuitive and user-friendly system makes it much easier and faster to introduce new employees into the system

  • Increased flexibility because customer agreements can be "bent and turned" so that you can better meet customers' individual needs
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