Streamline the municipality's form handling process


EG KI digitises municipal case processing with NetBlanket. 

Fiftytwo has developed a digital form solution to support EG KI's public sector solutions. NetBlanket forms part of EG KI's portfolio of digital solutions designed to automate and streamline workflows in the municipalities.

NetBlanket enables users to simply and easily manage forms internally in the municipality, helping the municipality to save both postage, paper and working hours. It gives direct results on the bottom line.


Goodbye to the routine of manual entries

All forms in the system have access to both personal and company data, making it easy and quick to fill out the forms. The municipality's town arms, letterhead and return address are automatically inserted, so users only need to concentrate on filling in the fields. NetBlanket thus ensures consistent case handling and high quality case processing.

NetBlanket is easy to use for both employees and citizens in the municipality. The solution is internet-based and therefore requires no installation or updating. This means the forms are automatically updated, so the solution always contains the latest forms.

NetBlanket contains all forms from KL's form licence scheme and related service forms. In addition, the municipality's own forms can be easily implemented to ensure the solution matches the municipality's individual needs.


Integration with Doc2Mail

The Doc2mail feature enables you to send forms directly to the citizen's eBoks/digital mail. At the same time, the municipality can also send forms to print at Charlie Tango print and to Charlie Tango's Doc2archive. This saves both paper and postage costs for the municipality. Doc2Mail is also developed by Fiftytwo in collaboration with Charlie Tango. Read more about Doc2Mail.


Want to know more?

Contact one of the municipal information marketing consultants. See contact details on EG’s website.