Versatile payments at Fleggaard and Calle


New acquiring regulation got cross-border shopping giants Fleggaard & Calle looking at their payment solution. Now, Danes and other cross-border shoppers are met by open solutions from Verifone and Fiftytwo in the check-out line.  


We do not want our stores plastered with black boxes in order to receive payments from an isolated app. We prefer one payment device, which is open and can do everything.

- Per Sørensen, Chief Operations Officer from Fleggaard and Calle.

Almost half of all cross-border shopping between Denmark and Germany is done in a Fleggard and Calle shop which amounts to approximately 6 billion Danish Kroner – and in these 18 stores all payment devices have been upgraded to a Verifone device. The 125 devices replace devices from a different brand and they are integrated with the cash register solution 52RETAIL from Fiftytwo.


Don’t want to be locked to a black box

“We do not want to be locked to a specific app or to a specific payment device. And therefore, we don’t want to be forced to install extra hardware in the check-out line to handle a specific payment type. We can avoid all that by switching to Verifone. The payment devices from Verifone handles all current payment types and apps and we expect the riveting development to continue – tomorrow the customers might wish to pay with AliPay, Google-pay or something different” says Per Sørensen, who is responsible for the payment devices, the cash register solutions and business intelligence in the group.


Freedom to choose acquiring

The combination of the 52RETAIL POS system and Verifone devices gives Fleggaard the flexibility to choose who they want as acquirer, because neither the hardware nor the software is locked to only one. When new acquiring regulations gave renewed focus on the payment area, Fleggaard chose to continue the cooperation with Nets, who offered a good price on acquiring. But the old devices had a high error rate and were worn down in the card reader, and they have now been replaced by VX 820 from Verifone.

”Verifone and Fiftytwo are both focused on being strong market leaders in their respective fields. We avoid being locked to specific choices of acquiring, payment apps or hardware. The open platform gives us flexibility and we want to extend that flexibility to our customers, so they freely can choose their preferred payment method. We accept cash, payment cards of any kind, contactless payments, MobilePay, Apple Pay and Dankort app, and that list is probably going to grow larger in the years to come,” says COO Per Sørensen.


MobilePay for cross-border shopping

Cross-border shopping has become synonymous with shopping at Fleggaard - and the Fleggaard visit is usually planned well ahead. Therefore, the approach to MobilePay is a good addendum to the range of payment methods, but Per Sørensen does not expect MobilePay to become widely used in the short term. When Fleggards prime time kicks in during the vacation months July and August, most customers will have planned the trip and will bring both cash and payment cards.


Omnichannel at Fleggaard

“Fleggaard follows the development in mobile payments with interest and picking Verifone as a partner is a logical and natural choice. We can bring the best customer experience when shoppers are able to choose the payment method they like the most, and when that method is accepted directly at the same payment device as every other payment method”, says Managing Director Henrik Salicath from Fiftytwo, who is the full-line supplier of payment solutions and payment devices for Fleggard.

“At the same time the group has been working on a real omnichannel solution - the customers can pre-order, shop and pay in the store and then collect their goods directly from the warehouse. This will improve customer experiences, as the waiting time is cut down.”

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The 125 devices were all shipped and installed out in the stores during a few weeks and well before summer vacation where Danes and German alike flock to the cross-border giant.


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