A fully integrated webshop with Click & Collect that can handle many customers at the same time


Fleggaard needed a webshop solution that could support a fully automated logistic setup and handling of differentiated assortments. The solution had to fully integrate with Microsoft AX and their POS system to ensure the right product range and family discounts. In addition, it was a requirement that the webshop solution was geared to many shopping customers simultaneously. This places high demands on both performance, operational stability, and inventory management. The entire design behind the solution had to be responsive and support the increasing use of mobile devices when people shop online. Also, the solution needed to be able to handle different VAT rates as Fleggaard.dk is located south of the border.


Many features and delighted customers


The solution became a webshop based on 52eSELLER with full integration to AX, reflecting Fleggaard's extensive product range and many stores. At the same time, the solution gives customers a good user experience with the possibility of filtering products etc.


With a well-run and fully integrated webshop, Fleggaard.dk has the best prerequisites for continuing growth!


By implementing their new webshop, Fleggaard has succeeded in making their customers extremely satisfied. It is easy and convenient for customers to order goods through the webshop, which awaits packed and ready for pick-up at the store's Click & Collect area. Customers do not have to spend precious time and unnecessary effort walking through the store filling up the shopping cart, but can load their ordered items directly in the car.

With a well-run and fully integrated webshop, Fleggaard.dk has the best prerequisites for continuing growth. In other words, Denmark's largest online border low-cost department store has the best foundation for building additional floors on their business in the future.


Facts about Fleggaard


Founded in 1926 by Peter J. Fleggaard. Based on Peter J. Fleggaard's principles of good merchantman ship, Fleggaard's Colonial trade grew steadily. The product range expanded year by year, and the store quickly grew large and free of the railway station. In the 1960s, the development took off when Hans Frede Fleggaard took over the thriving grocery store after his father. Hans Frede Fleggaard managed to keep up with tendencies and expanded the product range with brand new product categories such as home appliances and kitchens, and an extensive expansion was needed.

It became the first major expansion out of many, because Hans Frede Fleggaard had inherited his father's business talent and continued with great enthusiasm and innovative approach in the border country. Today, more than 80 years after the founding of Fleggaard, the third generation of the Fleggaard family sits at the helm, and Fleggaard has grown to be one of Denmark's largest family-owned corporate groups.


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Scalable web solution fully integrated with Navision came to light in less than a month thanks to collaboration and close dialogue.

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