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Charlie Tango - Doc2Mail


Charlie Tango - Doc2Mail

Automation of document distribution in the public sector

Charlie Tango now allows municipalities to easily and securely distribute documents with Doc2Mail

Doc2Mail is a specially-designed software solution that is precisely adapted to Charlie Tango's need to offer Danish municipalities a digital solution for distributing and signing public documents for citizens.

Doc2Mail automates and optimises the traditional manual workflow with printing, putting in envelopes and shipment of individual letters. Doc2Mail allows you to distribute documents from a Windows application or i.e. ESDH system to a receiver in a very easy way.

The document is automatically delivered to the recipient's digital mailbox or eBoks. If the recipient is not a registered with an eBoks or does not have a digital mailbox, Doc2Mail automatically sends the letter to Charlie Tango's remote printer and the letter will be sent as a regular mail.

In this way, Doc2Mail automatically finds out how the recipient wants to receive letters – digitally or physically. Doc2Mail can also automatically save a copy of the document in a digital archive.


Digital signature with Doc2Mail

Doc2Mail enables the individual user to efficiently and securely obtain signatures on all types of documents sent via and eBoks to citizens, suppliers and business partners.

By integrating the Digital Signature into Doc2Mail, the individual case manager can keep the current workflows by using Doc2Mail, but can just select whether a letter should be digitally signed when it is sent out.


Good integration possibilities

Doc2Mail can handle many types of files such as; Word, Excel, PDF and TIF. Doc2Mail also has many integration possibilities for both professional systems, form systems, letter template solutions and ESDH systems. Doc2Mail integration interfaces make it easy to transfer information such as CPR (National Insurance) number, case number, return mailbox, etc. automatically to Digital Mail. It saves time and minimises errors.


Achieved results with Doc2Mail

Doc2Mail gives the user a number of administrative and financial benefits:

  • Reduces manual case handling from 17 to 2 days
  • Economic savings of up to 80%
  • Secure handling of sensitive personal data


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