Software Engineer

A job that counts

We are looking for a Software Developer for our Retail POS team – is it you?

You will be a part of a development team working on the same core product, which is being sold on a license basis to our customers and is thus not operated by Fiftytwo in production. 

You will be responsible for analyzing, implementing and testing your solutions, from smaller tasks to big projects, where the journey from thought to action is not that far. 


We have a great focus on customer development which drives a lot of the development of the product. Still, we also have a significant investment in strategic development and modernization, which you will also participate in executing. 


You will refer directly to Fiftytwo’s Head of POS Development and become a part of the very competent development team of 7 developers in Denmark and additional 6 developers in our inhouse team in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Your workplace will be centered at our office in Glostrup. 


The team works on the complete POS solution which simply put consists of a Master Pricer and optional GUI’s and peripherals dependent on the use case. 

The Master Pricer is the core component of our system, responsible for computing the right price, and is used for both our traditional tills as well as our customers’ online shops and apps (omnichannel). 

GUI’s consists of the customer focused selfscan and selfcheckout solutions, as well as cashier-oriented solutions like the traditional till or mobile solutions. 

Peripherals are both hardware integrations like scanners, printers and EFT/payment terminals, as well as third party integrations like customer loyalty, gift cards etc. 


A multifaceted role 

You will likely work on only some of the parts of the complete system mentioned above. 

The main part of your daily work will be split between solving customer ordered extensions to the product, general maintenance of the product in the form of bug fixing, and strategic development and modernization. 

Your tasks will include: 

  • Design solutions and secure a high-quality product. 
  • Develop and maintain the omnichannel POS solution (mainly in C++, with a minor part of Javascript). 
  • Maintain and modernize the existing platform through the design and redesign of solutions focusing on delivery, maintainability, and modernization. 
  • Code reviews of your own and others’ solutions. 
  • If you are interested, there will be an opportunity to work with POS hardware integrations to e.g., EFT payment terminals, cash management systems, self-scan solutions, etc. 
  • If you are interested, there will also be an opportunity to work on the web frontend in relation to the Master Pricer backend. 

Our tech stack consists of, among others, 

  • C/C++, though mainly C++ 
  • Javascript (via Googles V8-engine) 
  • Angular front-end 
  • MHD REST backend 
  • Git (Bitbucket); note that we have a large code base 
  • Bamboo (CI/CT) 
  • Linux, with CentOS as primary Linux distribution 


Critical success factors – what do we expect?  

You have just finished a relevant degree in e.g., computer science or software engineering or have been working as a software developer for a few years. You must have some experience with multiple programming languages, and as a minimum, know about C or C++. Concrete C++ experience is a huge plus, and likewise, it is a plus to have experience in Linux. 


It is a huge plus to have worked with software development either via one's education, a study job or a job after finished education. 


The ideal candidate has the following personal attributes:

  • Analytic – dare to enter a large codebase to find solutions on given issues. 
  • Self-dependent – take responsibility for one’s work and tasks from assignment to completion and beyond. 
  • Communicative – be friendly and precise in one’s communication, both internally with the team as well as with other internal and external parties including customers. Written as well as orally. 
  • Service-minded – be accommodating towards customers’ needs and wishes. 

The candidate must be fluent in English, both written and orally. It is a plus if the candidate knows Danish as well. 


Why Software developer at Fiftytwo? 

As an employee at Fiftytwo, your will have lot of freedom followed by great responsibility. Also, you will have the opportunity to influent your own workflow and career direction. You are the company's strongest resource, which is why we will give you the chance to have a great influence and develop yourself in a professional and challenging workday, where everyday counts. Hence our mantra: Let’s make it count. 


We are enthusiastic, passionate, and have a positive mindset. We respect each other's differences and create space for you to be who you are. Our tone is loose and informal, and there is always room for a good laugh. We want to have fun when we go to work - even when we are extra busy. 


Fiftytwo's customers are some of the largest and most recognized companies. Our ambition is to play a crucial role in their strategic IT development and provide them with a technological foundation to move them into the future. 


If you want to know more 

You can find out more about Fiftytwo, our solutions and our employees at and on our LinkedIn.



We only accept applications here on Linkedin via EasyApply, so if you want to attach a motivated application, upload it in the same document as the CV. We are having ongoing interviews and would like the position filled as soon as possible. 

If you have questions about the job, you are very welcome to contact:  

Peder Herborg, CTO innovation & Development

+45 43245422


Marianne Schmidt Nellemann, Operations & HR manager 

+45 41950158 


All inquiries will be treated confidentially.