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Our e-Commerce platform, 52eSELLER, consists of several standard modules and additional modules. The modules provide you with features that significantly increase your visibility and traffic while boosting your sales. You choose the modules based on the functionality requirements your webshop solution needs to have, and we help you get started in a fast and efficient way.

  • SaaS access 24/7
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Danish developed
  • Danish speaking support
  • Microsoft certified
One platform - many webshops

B2C, B2B, B2P, B2A 

With a 52eSeller solution, you are not limited to one webshop, and you can thus utilize your ERP data for several different webshops and shop types. This means that you can start out with one or more B2B webshops and eventually build a B2C webshop on top or vice versa. All your webshops embed the same ERP integration and administrators from the same user-friendly administration interface.

Microsoft certified


Fiftytwo is Microsoft gold certified, and 52eSELLER has a standard integration kit for Microsoft D365 Business Central.

Ongoing development of the platform means that we always have updated integrations to Microsoft's ERP system and several other ERP integrations. Our skilled in-house D365 consultants and developers ensure that we are constantly at the forefront of development.



Like our e-Commerce solution, our app is tailored to the B2B, B2C, and B2A segment, through experience with all three segments. Our app solution is based on 52eSELLER and therefore has a direct integration - as well for your ERP, PIM, and potential POS solution. The seamless integration gives you a unified platform and provides you with a wide range of features and functionalities. Some of the benefits are that you are ensured that your key figures are always available in real-time. In addition, your prices and discounts across your channels are calculated in exactly the same way on the same premises. It provides transparency - for both yourself and your customers.

  • Increased opportunity for customer dialogue
  • Runs on both Android and iOS devices
  • Tracking through Google Analytics
  • Standard app, which can be customized
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Auto-recognition on customers
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Unidirectional price and discount structure
  • Voucher-handling
  • Supports mobile features like GPS and camera

Advanced pricing


52eSELLER has a complex price calculation engine that can calculate correct prices in real-time, where infinite factors are included at a speed that only the fewest systems can match. The pricing engine can handle customer-specific prices and discounts, customer price groups, customer discount groups, customer-specific prices (per customer), country-specific prices, currency-specific prices, line discounts, and product discount groups. Our pricing logic is also applied if you run omnichannel. Your prices and discount structures  will take effect on all your channels - but are only updated and maintained in one place.

Delivery methods

52eSELLER offers a wide range of delivery methods, which are typically controlled by D365 Business Central delivery types. The most common are GLS parcel shop, PostNord parcel shop, Private delivery and Click and Collect. We also offer notices of pickup places, country-differentiated delivery methods, weight-differentiated delivery methods.

Payment methods

QuickPay is a standard module for our webshop solution which builds a bridge between your online store and your customers' banking systems. This way, the module functions as a credit card terminal - just online. In addition, it is possible to purchase integration for e.g. PayPal, Klarna and MobilePay.


Our Smart Search function continuously gives your customers suggestions when typing in a search field, and supports "fuzzy search", which considers spelling/typing errors, searching for products, product menus and info pages. Your customers can search all product properties, including custom fields, and you get access to a search report, which identifies what your customers have searched for, but not found, keywords, customers have used, and in-demand products.

Filtering and sorting

52eSELLER can handle sorting of product lists: price, name, product ID increasing/decreasing, filtering on variant dimensions such as color/size/price, as well as filtering on brands such as "Weber." It is also possible to filter on stock status (in stock / not in stock), which greatly helps increase customer satisfaction so that your customers will not be disappointed with missing delivery. Custom field filtering such as "material" or on "ranges" such as "length between 20 and 40 cm" is also a standard function.


The 52eSELLER platform was built with internationalization in mind, which is probably why more than 32% of all transactions on the cloud platform come from abroad. You can maintain your master data in your ERP system in several different languages, and exchange rates are automatically retrieved from your ERP system.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be useful to be able to create with non-standard product properties such as material. It is also possible to insert YouTube video links, country of origin, Nordic Ecolabel, and it can all be displayed as specifications on the product details page. Your customers also have the opportunity to filter on special "badges" on products such as "on sale".

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What is omnichannel

Implementing an omnichannel way of thinking is an emerging tendency within retail, but was, does it exactly entail? It is challenging to seek a clear definition of the term “omnichannel” because it is still relatively new. 

With this guide however, we will try to explain what omnichannel means more explicitly and to show you how an omnichannel way of thinking can be valuable for your business. 

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