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The optimal customer journey has never been more important than now, and with our eCommerce platform, 52eSELLER, you can build a webshop that meets your customers' needs and expectations.

With 52eSELLER you get a modular and flexible structure where you quickly and efficiently can build a solid, yet intuitive webshop based on state-of-the-art technology.

Our specialists help with design, development, and SEO.


An increasing number of customers shop from their mobile phones, supplement your webshop with a professional app solution, 52eSELLER app, to be present where your customers are.

We can convert your webshop design and the features you would like to include in your app in no time. Our app solution builds our own software, which is why we prepare your app based on our standard app solution. This gives you a stable and well-tested app solution that can be customized if you have special needs.

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Omnichannel is about giving your customers a consistent cross-channel experience, thus improving the customer experience. The key is integrating the various touchpoints that the customers encounter on their purchase journey with the technical solutions that ensure that prices, selection, and pick-up options are the same across channels.

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Customer stories

Fleggaard's webshop


Denmark's largest online border low-cost department store has the best foundation for building additional floors on their business in the future.

Frishop's webshop


Scalable web solution fully integrated with Navision came to light in less than a month thanks to collaboration and close dialogue.

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