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6 benefits of integrating your webshop and ERP solution

Technological developments have had a significant impact on how consumers today interact with brands. In particular, the advent of e-Commerce has made it possible to screw up efficiency when shopping. The convenience of ordering from the couch, at all hours of the day, with delivery to your door, has resulted in e-Commerce becoming a natural part of everyday life.

June 20, 2022
By Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug

According to Statistics Denmark, from 2019 to 2020, there is an increase of five percentage points in the number of citizens who shop online - this is the highest increase in seven years.

With the access to e-Commerce, a "want it now" environment has been created. If your customers can not get what they need quickly and easily from you, they have no choice but to go elsewhere. Customer loyalty is given to those who can deliver exactly when the need arises.

Webshop owners often overlook the need to integrate their webshop solution with ERP solution because it can be costly - both financially and the disruption in the business that can occur when changing existing systems.

Not integrating can, however, in the long run, become far more costly. Without an ERP integration to your webshop, you will miss out on benefits that contribute to optimizing the internal work process and ensuring that you meet customer expectations for an easy, fast and convenient shopping experience.

When you integrate your webshop and ERP solution, a communication line arises between your webshop and your back-office systems, enabling fast data exchange and ensuring data consistency.


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Below, we have, within two categories, gathered several significant benefits of an ERP-integrated webshop solution.

Customer satisfaction is optimized


1. Access to updated information 24/7

When your ERP system is directly integrated with your webshop, your customers have access to updated data - even on weekends or in the middle of the night. They can always see the exact inventory as well as the status of their orders. Thus, you do not risk your customers ordering an item to later be informed that it is sold out or is no longer sold in your shop. When customers know that the information they are given on your webshop is correct, they are far more willing to shop with you.


2. Order and shipping time is shortened

Orders placed on your webshop are transferred automatically and quickly to your ERP solution. There is, therefore, no need to wait until a new order has been exported or printed and then manually entered again in the accounting or ERP system before it can be packed and sent. For many companies, the manual process are delaying the delivery several days.


Increased control and reduced costs


1. Labor optimization

In addition to customers getting their goods delivered faster, you can save many employee hours on entering orders in the ERP solution with an automated integration.


2. Human errors are reduced

When you and your employees have to manually enter an order placed in your webshop, in your ERP solution, errors can easily occur. It could be, for example, that the wrong quantity or shipping address is entered or that the information is entered several times. With an ERP-integrated webshop, orders are transferred automatically and quickly to your ERP system. This means that you avoid errors when entering manually. Whether you process 1 or 1,000 orders, it's the same fast, efficient, consistent, and error-free process every single time.

3. Better control and insight 

With an ERP-integrated webshop solution, you can automatically generate financial reports that give you insight into which products are doing well and which ones need improvement. This insight allows you to quickly adapt your strategy and make decisions based on accurate data.


4. Cost-effective inventory management

Your inventory is updated instantly in your ERP solution. You can now plan your purchase of new items more precisely. You know exactly which products to order at home to avoid being sold out. This reduces loss of revenue.


How can we help you

Our e-Commerce platform, 52eSELLER, is, unlike many others, ERP-based. Our solution does not originate from a website but is built on the business logic and concepts used within ERP. The concepts are, for example, order entry, product groups, product creation, customer creation, price calculation, shipping, VAT, and delivery.

Our integration between webshop and ERP is extremely close and stable, which means that it can handle errors and crashes in the ERP solution. This is because our ERP integration is based on a few principles:

• Full decoupling between ERP and webshop - 52eSELLER can continue to run if and when the ERP system is down.

• Transactions - If an integration error occurs, no update will be correct. This ensures that your webshop is always in a known valid state.

Read our customer case for the construction market Frishop and learn more about how we have helped with an integration that runs smoothly and continuously.



Do you want to know more?

Contact me and find out more about how we can help you integrate your webshop and ERP solution.