October 05, 2021

e-Commerce release: New sales channel, increased flexibility, etc.

Every day, our talented colleagues work to create the best e-Commerce solutions for our customers. Recently, the enhancement of 52eSELLER has focused on apps for iOS and Android, increased flexibility and new use cases, product recommendations, and more control over the integration.

Written by Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug
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Apps for iOS and Android

To create a successful business, you must meet the customers where they are. As a webshop owner, your preconditions are good - you have the opportunity to interact with your customers where they want when they want, and via the device they prefer for online shopping. However, your webshop is not the most optimal channel if your customers prefer to shop via mobile - and today, there is a big chance they do.

A study by Statista shows that it is expected that 72.9 percent of all retail e-Commerce sales worldwide by 2021 will take place via mobile, which makes good sense with the 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide.

With an app in addition to your webshop, you give your mobile customers a better shopping experience while increasing the probability of achieving sales. An app is often more straightforward and more user-friendly. It is easier for customers to find what they need via an app because there is no room for interference in irrelevant buttons and banners. The load time on an app is also often faster, so your customer will experience less waiting time. This helps to enhance the customer experience and makes the conversion rate higher and fewer customers leave their basket before checkout. Figures show that the conversion rate on an app is three times higher than for mobile webshops and that while 97 percent leave their basket on mobile webshops, this only applies to 20 percent on apps.

There are many benefits to supplementing your webshop with an app. Therefore, we have made the app a 52eSELLER standard product. This means that with your 52eSELLER webshop solution, you can get a fully developed app that adapts to your wishes and needs. In addition, we design it in your colors, with your logo, etc. - we can add desired third-party features to the app - it may be that you have a loyalty program on your webshop that you want to be a part of your app.

The app works on both iOS and Android and is 100 percent integrated with your webshop, your ERP solution, and your remaining systems - e.g., PIM and 52RETAIL.

So far, we have i.a. implemented the 52eSELLER app to Fleggaard's B2C solution, and more is on its way. Today, Fleggaard's customers can download the app in both the App Store and Google Play, and through that, see opening hours, find great offers and put together Click and Collect orders.


Increased flexibility and new use cases

The new REST API means that 52eSELLER has become much more flexible, enabling many new and exciting use cases. How the new REST API provides value for you as a customer depends on the use case that you want to fulfill, or in other words: what you as a user want to achieve with the webshop solution.

For example, you may find that potential customers often leave during the shopping journey. The API can connect to various frameworks, for example, in your CMS system or on your blog, which means that you can sell your products directly via a newsletter or your blog without your customers having to be referred to your webshop. This way, you can minimize the number of steps in your customers' shopping journey, giving them fewer opportunities to change their minds and leave.

The ability to connect the API to various frameworks also means that you can integrate your commerce data across platforms, thus ensuring data consistency. Your customers will encounter the same information no matter which of your channels they shop through. This way, you ensure they get the omnichannel shopping experience they expect.

Are you in doubt about what omnichannel more is explicitly and implies? Read here and get an in-depth answer to the question: What is omnichannel?


Product recommendations

On a webshop, your customers are typically left to self-service. It can be difficult for you and your colleagues to provide the personal service needed to increase the number of items in the basket. However, with targeted and relevant recommendations on your webshop, you can give the customer a feeling that you know them and their needs. At the same time, you can inspire them with relevant products they may not have known they needed, thus increasing the number of items in their basket.

If you want to implement product recommendations in the webshop, you need an integration that forwards data from either your webshop or your ERP solution to your "recommendation engine" to show customized results. In 52eSELLER, product recommendations are a built-in feature, which means you do not have to build a new integration but simply turn on the feature. If you have a 52eSELLER solution, you can now show product recommendations to your customers based on sales data. You can, for example, display a list of "others have also bought" - products on the product detail page and/or show which products others have bought based on what is in the customer's basket - e.g., on the page for the basket or as a pop-up when the customer an item in the basket.

You can also personalize the product recommendations based on the customer's country, age, or other attributes. However, it requires that the necessary data is set up for it. With 52eSELLER, you do not have to invest in expensive 3rd-party solutions but can benefit from the built-in functionality that already exists.


More control over integration

Today, 52eSELLER webshop owners and ERP consultants have more control over integration. For example, if you throw files into 52eSELLER that you do not want to load anyway, you can easily remove them again. You can also more easily locate import jobs that have already been loaded. This will typically be valuable in error tracing - for example, if you have come to load incorrect data into your webshop.

Do you want to know more?

Want to know more about how 52eSELLER can optimize your e-Commerce business? Feel free to contact me. 



Author Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug

Jacob has +17 years of seniority in e-Commerce, IT, and dynamic pricing. He has a great understanding of our customers' business and experience in delivering complex IT solutions. Contact Jacob if you have any questions Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug, Business Development Manager, e-Commerce | +45 27 53 00 12 | jgs@fiftytwo.com

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