March 02, 2021

Three hot topics in e-Commerce right now


The corona crisis has definitely accelerated e-Commerce, which has become something close to a new national sport for Danes of all ages in less than a year. Since March, much has been written about this topic when Denmark closed down due to corona.

Written by Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug
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On the other hand, there has not been much focus on the fact that e-Commerce at the same time has moved massively into the B2B space. Specialized companies that have not traditionally focused on online shopping have been busy making digital entries. 


To customers, it could look like what is popularly called a win-win. But as it often is, the world is more complex than that.

Seamless interaction across the entire business

e-Commerce is more than just opening a digital sales channel - it is quickly dawned upon everyone who enters the online world.

For example, it is about optimal interaction with the underlying systems, such as ERP, PIM, CRM, and logistics. And it is about marketing, uniform handling of prices and discounts, personal customer service performed digitally, and constant optimization on all platforms.

The B2B world, which is currently struggling with a lack of experience, knowledge, and a naturally limited strategic vision that comes with being a newcomer, can, fortunately, learn from the often-painful path that the retail industry has taken in e-Commerce.

The first page of that textbook says that it is way easier to add digital channels to your business than running them seamlessly and centered around each customer. However, your sales channels must run seamlessly and be centered around each customer to utilize the digital potential to sell more items faster and more optimally.



Internationalization vs. Complexity 

Many businesses that take the e-Commerce route think of international scaling. Maybe just to the local markets in the first place. When our Danish customers now get a digital entrance, why not the Swedish or Norwegian customers?

There is nothing wrong with the idea. It is logical and captivating. But with international ambitions for e-Commerce, it is even more critical that you build a solution that can effectively scale and avoid silos. And not least that one's market strategy from day one is firmly anchored right down to the process and system level.

e-Commerce is a highly complex task. Therefore, simultaneously, as you control strategy, processes, and systems, it is naturally also about limiting your complexity structure.


Bring data to life

One of the big trends in e-Commerce right now is customer centering and personalization of content and experiences. It is becoming clear to most people that e-Commerce can do something regarding efficient sales, purchases, and delivery. Online shopping lags behind the physical store for customer care, good service, and shopping experiences. All the things considering what establishes affiliations, returning customers, and additional sales.

But how do you make e-Commerce a personal experience? Today, many have unimaginable amounts of data about each customer, the customer's preferences, and purchasing frequency. Maybe you even have permission to reach out to the individual customer with ideas and personal offers on precisely what they are just missing.

But data is one thing. Insight is something completely different. And without the insight and ability to filter and create customer and business value in data, data is just zeros and ones. Therefore, there is also a great demand for qualified advice to translate data into customer-facing solutions and intelligent customer care. The fact is that in both B2C and B2B companies, the pursuit of realizing the potential that is undeniable to take e-Commerce to the next level continues.


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Author Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug

Jacob has +17 years of seniority in e-Commerce, IT, and dynamic pricing. He has a great understanding of our customers' business and experience in delivering complex IT solutions. Contact Jacob if you have any questions Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug, Business Development Manager, e-Commerce | +45 27 53 00 12 |

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