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Why prioritize webshop SEO?

“How do I get more customers in my webshop?” is a question that often arises – no matter if your webshop has just aired or you are an experienced player in the field. With SEO and ads, you can increase the traffic from Google’s universe to your webshop.

June 26, 2020
By Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug

Would you like to optimize SEO and develop Ads on your webshop and your products? If the answer is yes, we recommend that you collaborate with a bureau who can offer you expert help within the field.

We often meet customers who operate with a mix of their own specialists and an external partner. In a reality where Google and  Amazon are market leaders, it is essential to continuously upgrade your in-house skills and to make sure that your external partners do the same.

At Fiftytwo, we collaborate with some of the leading webshop SEO experts – for example, agencies specialized in Google Ads and Google Shopping. Therefore, our webshop solutions are always search engine optimized to make sure you get the best ranking in search engines like Google.

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Prioritize devoting resources for SEO

It is essential to pay attention to the synergy between Ads, Google Shopping, and SEO in your webshop. You can get a lot of great advice and guidance – some well documented and some undocumented. In general, it is all about having specific and useful content while working with excellent and detailed keywords. Good product descriptions and thorough documentation is the key to master webshop SEO and to rank high in search engines.

However, many underestimate this task. It requires a considerable effort to keep product descriptions updated, and it is crucial to achieving success online. Therefore, it can be valuable for your webshop if you allocate the necessary resources to work with SEO – for example, skilled copywriters. Way too often, we experience that SEO is an area that is underestimated when webshops invest in marketing and sales.


We can help you get a high ranking on Google

At Fiftytwo, we develop cloud-based webshops. Hence, we can continuously optimize the code behind all operating webshops. This ensures ideal conditions for our customers when competing for high rankings in Google.

Do you need help along the way from our SEO partner and us? Read more about 52eSELLER here or contact us to discuss your challenges and get a proposal on how to get started.