August 09, 2021

Why your lease management system should be based on Microsoft Dynamics


The collection of data is the first, and in many ways most important, step in the life cycle of a leasing agreement. The smoothness of the process depends on how well prepared you and your team are and what tools you have available.

Written by Jan Johannes Kyhnæb
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With a lease management system, you can collect and store all your data in one place. This means that the days when you had to go through several different spreadsheets to gather the necessary information are over. When you collect your data in a lease management system, you reduce the administration process and ensure that your collected data is correct and that you thus get a great start in the relationship with your leasing customers. However, to be successful, it requires that the lease management system you choose to invest in is reliable and can meet your requirements and expectations.

This blog post will dive into the benefits of choosing a lease management system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as NAV or Navision) is a complete business solution with ERP, CRM, and Business Intelligence. It is an all-in-one software solution that helps you streamline your business processes and manage various aspects of your business - from financial accounting and operations to sales and customer service. Microsoft offers its solution on-premise (installed on its server), a private cloud solution (installed on a server outside your company), and a public cloud solution.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Most people who know about the amount of paperwork that comes with creating and handling leasing agreements recognize that it is not the easiest process to manage. There are many periodic operational tasks to be considered, variables to be continuously updated, information to be noted, and data to be adjusted.

If you perform these tasks on old and unreliable software, you can risk it becoming an exorbitant expensive pleasure. Older systems are often inflexible and communicate poorly. Therefore, you and your employees will experience having to spend precious time on manual processes and comprehensive workflows. The consequence is not only that unnecessary resources are spent on manual tasks with contracts, documents, and other data - your organization will also become less transparent.

Reliable and updated software

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get reliable, up-to-date lease management software. Microsoft is constantly updating their software. For example, they have semi-annual version updates released in the spring and autumn. Microsoft has an updated plan that ensures that their software always includes the latest functionality. Whether you should be aware of upgrading the platform depends on whether it is on-premise, in private, or in a public cloud.

With 52LEASING in Fiftytwo's private cloud, you do not have to upgrade your D365 BC platform on an ongoing basis. We ensure that you and your employees can focus on other and more critical tasks while you can feel confident that your lease management system is running well.

You can check how much you can save by changing to 52LEASING - Fiftytwo's lease management system built on the D365 - here.

Familiar system environment

You and your employees will work in Microsoft's familiar system environment, making navigating the system more accessible. You thus release time to focus on the customers and create more profit.

Easy to implement and highly scalable

In a time where working from home has become a natural part of our work life, the value of cloud or hosting-based software is increasing. Instead of building an IT architecture from scratch or upgrading the current hardware, you can subscribe to lease management software in a private or public cloud.


This allows you and your employees to access data from home. Fiftytwo's lease management system, 52LEASING, built on top of the D365 BC platform, is hosted on our servers, so all you have to worry about is going to work. Very competent D365 developers handle the technical aspect.


When your business grows and you are ready for scaling, D365 BC will follow. You can easily add new users as well as tailor and attach new modules as needed.

How can we help?

52LEASING is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We have highly competent D365 consultants who will help ensure that you always have the right help available and get the most value out of your lease management system.

If you are interested in hearing what 52LEASING can do to make your leasing business easier to manage, feel free to contact me.

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Author Jan Johannes Kyhnæb

Jan Kyhnæb has +35 years of experience and is an expert within Microsoft D365 BC, on which our industry solutions, 52LEASING and 52SUBSCRIPTION are based on. He helps a number of leasing and subscription companies to optimize their business processes on a daily basis. Contact Jan if you have any questions | Jan Johannes Kyhnæb, Business Development Manager, D365 | +45 24 42 92 76 |

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