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At Fiftytwo, we focus on continously developing ourselves. Just because we have many solutions in the market now, doesn't necessarily give the answers for the future. That's why we've built a lab that serves as a showroom for existing software, but also as an innovation center for future store experiences.
Our Lab is designed with various types of cash registers pumped with our latest software so everyone at Fiftytwo - from CEO to Developer - knows about the cases that we'll be able to solve in the future.
And yes, of course you can come and try it out, because we would love to coorperate on future customer experience within retail.

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Featured work.

Streamline the municipality's form handling process


Fiftytwo has developed a digital form solution to support EG KI's public sector solutions. NetBlanket forms part of EG KI's portfolio of digital solutions designed to automate and streamline workflows in the municipalities.
Automation of document distribution in the public sector


Doc2Mail is a specially-designed software solution that is precisely adapted to Charlie Tango's need to offer Danish municipalities a digital solution for distributing and signing public documents for citizens.

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