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We put a great deal of effort in creating streamlined workflows across all of our solutions and services. Streamlined workflows allow your employees to focus on the important work tasks and it will leave automatization take care of the rest. 
Our Lease Management solution will help you manage your leasing agreements automatically, and save your employees for using time on manual work. This way your employees can spend their work hours taking care of your customers and focus on the growth on your company. 

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We are specialized in creating solutions that make the buying experience efficient and easy. An efficient buying experience is just as important for the employee as for the customer buying your product. That is why we have the following solutions that can help you take your business to the next level.


52LEASING automates your leasing business processes and enable your employees to work smarter every day.
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Lease management roi

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

We are specialists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the leasing industry. Our experts can assist you in ERP optimization, integration and much more.

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Outdated Lease Management systems

Investing in a modern system for administrating leasing agreements can be quite profitable for companies.

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