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Lease Management Software

A lease management solution that gives you more time to focus on your leasing customers.
52LEASING automates your leasing business processes and enables your employees to work smarter every day. The days of manual work processes are over, and you’ll easily manage the entire leasing process within a modern, digital solution.
The solution is built on top of the latest Microsoft technology, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  A solution on this technology ensures that you are always using the most modern version and have access to all new functionality. 


Automates your business

Time is money. Instead of spending hours on manual work processes, 52LEASING automates standard processes and frees time for your employees.

Prepares you for the future

Technology ages fast. 52LEASING is built on the latest Microsoft technology and follows their development to ensure you a modern digital solution.

Keeps track of loan contracts

Manage your loan contracts and agreements of purchase in a modern contract management solution.

Gives overview of leasing agreements and contracts

A clear overview is everything. 52LEASING ensures that all employees and management have the necessary overview to complete tasks faster and improve collaboration.

Takes advantage of the Microsoft platform

52LEASING is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which lets you enter a well-known environment and take advantage of a solution connected to your business.

Integrates with your other business solutions

Work as you want with applications you need to maximize your business. 52LEASING can work with your other solutions.

What our customers are saying

52LEASING is one of the most modern systems on the market.
With 52LEASING, several manual workflows are automated, and with a better overview, the error risk is also minimized. It is developed on Microsoft's widely used Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, which means that we can easily connect it with other systems such as Continia and dox42. At the same time, it meets the latest standards in the market, including GDPR.


- Tommy Svendsen, Director, Dansk ErhvervsFinansiering



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