Leasing is a complex area and it naturally give rise to a lot of questions from customers. Therefore, the leasing companies who perform best and keep a productive dialogue with the customers - are those who don’t drown in irresolute enquiries. 



The best way to make your customer comfortable with leasing is to ahead of the game by answering their questions and addressing their concerns in advance. This cheat sheet will give you an overview of the most common asked questions from both private and business leasing customers – from the first time they meet one of your consultants to the day they return the car after termination of the leasing period.

You can use the list to

  • Standardize your answers to enable your both new and experienced consultants to deliver without a hazel an instant answer.
  • Get an overview of how to streamline your service to enable you to proactively present customers for answers and solutions to their challenges.
It’ll save you and your employees time on answering the same questions again and again and it’ll also improve your customer service on several levels.