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Optimize the customer experience
by mapping the customer journey

Understanding the customer experience has never been more important than now, and in many companies, a strong customer experience is a leading management goal. There is an extensive belief that positive experiences during the customer journey will result in improvements in the bottom line. At the same time, the customer journey is more complex than ever before, and an understanding of this, therefore, requires thorough research.


With this guide, we want to shed light on how you, with a deeper insight into the customer journey, can create good customer experiences.

Get the guide and gain knowledge on: 

  • What the concepts "customer experience" and "customer journey" means
  • Why companies today have less control over the customer experience through the customer journey
  • What different stages the customer goes through during the customer journey
  • How to regain control of the customer experience through the customer journey
  • How to map the customer journey

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