Mette Kuhlmann Frandsen

Save your leasing business by automating work processes

The age of retirement has struck analog, hand-held, and slow methods of handling data. Few people would disagree with this. But when you have decided that you would benefit from automating several processes – where should you really start on updating inefficient and uncertain workflows?


We have compiled a list of the areas you will be able to improve your business within lease management through automation.




Furthermore, a good place to start is to create processes around customer communications. Download our cheat sheet to get an overview of the most asked questions from  customers which helps to create structure in your communication to provide  better customer service. 

Processes related to leasing of cars

In particular, look at the processes that require daily and monthly updates – and think about how you automate the following operations tasks:

  • Administration agreements
  • Management of fuel consumption
  • Management of claim report
  • Management of kilometers
  • Service management
  • Integrations (for example registrations at credit reporting agencies as a bad debtor)
  • Fleet management
  • Pool management


Processes related to leasing within transportation and agriculture

Here it’s an advantage to automate typing tasks related to creating leasing agreements – and that doesn’t have to be managed by your employees:

  • Loan and sales contracts
  • Insurance billing
  • Evaluation of objects
  • Money laundering/legitimation
  • Integrations (credit evaluation company, e.g. Bisnode)
  • Licences and credit limits


Administrative processes

No matter which type of leasing your company deals with, the administrative processes will be the same – from the time a leasing agreement begins until it ends. Therefore, you should especially look at your task status flow within the following:

  • GDPR
  • Management of documents
  • Payment service registration
  • Invoicing
  • Re-invoicing
  • Credit limits


The management of leasing is a great amount of work purely in terms of resources. There are many processes that must be managed, but you don’t have to do everything manually. Take advantage of the opportunity to automate some of the processes – in this way you’re helped in generating growth in the leasing industry.


Control communication with your customers

A place to start is to look at your customer communication. They often ask the same questions and need the same information in a certain order. Meeting your customers’ demands for fast and efficient answers, you can provide a great experience when doing business with you. You can even standardize your answers and beat your customers to it by proactively ensuring the productive dialogue.

We’ve created a cheat sheet that gives you’re an overview of the most asked questions from both private and business leasing customers.

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