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What’s the price of a new lease management solution?

No two businesses are the same – and therefore there are no two completely similar lease management solutions. They’re tailored to the specific business’ needs which make it difficult to give a precise answer to what a solution will cost. In this article we’ll define which areas that affect the price.

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1. Number of leasing contracts

A crucial factor for determining the price of a lease management solution is the number of leasing contracts. The account is consumption-related which is why the price will be different for management of 1,000 and 10,000 leasing contracts. Because the account is dependent of use, the costs of the solution will follow the business revenue which will only contribute to the rightful part of the IP use.


2. Functionality

It’s decisive for the price which functionality you want in your solution. Should your solution be focused and simple – or does your company have a larger and wider need for functionality and integrations that support daily processes? There’s a huge difference whether you offer equipment leasing, car leasing or import cars from another country. If you offer funding of loan and purchase agreements, there’s a need of a different set of functionalities.


3. Number of employees

When you want to implement a new solution, the implicated employees must be trained in how to use the new system. The need will again be different depending on your business. Training 3 employees that manage 1,000 leasing contracts is much different than training a department of 20 employees that must learn to use a new solution to manage their 15,000 leasing contracts.


4. Special needs

In addition you might have special needs that also affect the price of your lease management solution. It could for example be integrations to dealer self-service solutions or other web solutions like partner and car portals. Advanced support rather than standard support will also be part of the price calculation.



The investment or upgrade of your lease management solution is not only related to costs but very much to gains. And most importantly whether or not your business can afford to miss out on these gains. Here’re some of the greatest advantages of investing in a modern lease management solution:


1. Creates organizationally transparency

By replacing old and inflexible systems that don’t integrate with a new lease management solution, you’ll avoid employees working in silos. They’ll instead easily be able to get an overview of processes, contracts and customers. The system will become their “cockpit” that shows all relevant information across processes and activities.


2. Releases manpower

By using a lease management solution you’ll avoid employees get caught in manual work processes and inefficiency – and they can instead spend their time on customers and in the end create a larger turnover. In other words, your company can increase performance which will result in more customers and reach a higher turnover.


3. Digitalized leasing administration

Manual processes forces your employees to use valuable time on ”carrying” information from system to system. Not only are data delayed, but it’ll be exposed to the human factor by which the risk of errors rises. When digitalizing cumbersome work processes, you’ll be better prepared for future challenges.


4. You share knowledge across the organization

By making your employees’ work processes more flexible, you’ll avoid using unnecessary resources on hand-held tasks related to documents, contracts and other data. You’ll be able to share knowledge or help each other across the organization within integrated processes that automatically put your information at your colleagues’ disposal and make it easy to continue working on the information.

Raising the numbers on the bottom line

When we discuss the price on a lease management solution, it’s important to include into the calculation what potential savings an investment could bring to your business. 52LEASING from Fiftytwo will let your company face a major efficiency improvement and automation of your work processes – and most likely you’ll be able to see the results in your financial report.

The change to 52LEASING will release resources and your employees don’t need to spend unnecessary time on administration. The new-found time can be earmarked your most important asset; customers. Regardless of the customers are new or existing, they’ll benefit on more time devoted to them. In the end it means that your business could grow even further – and you’ll raise the bottom line even more.


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