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Meet customer expectations with self-checkout

Self-checkout on the rise

One of the biggest trends in retail is self-checkouts (SCOs). SCO solutions have increased over the past years. The pandemic in the early 2020’s increased the need for social distancing, however, even after opening societies again, the demand for self-servicing solutions continues to increase.
In 2021 a third of all transactions in the US happened through SCO solutions and in the Nordics the number of customers interested in using SCO as checkout option is on the rise. Not only with the younger generation – elder generations also take in the new technology.
Customers’ rising interest in SCO means a rising interest from retailers in offering self-checkout systems in their stores.


Why SCO solutions?

Investing in self-checkout systems is high on many retail organizations’ agenda.  The investment will help them meet customer demands, save them time, and offer them the ultimate flexible choice of shopping experiences. Implementing SCOs in your stores, will also give you the freedom to deploy your stores’ staff resources with maximum efficiency.

52ViKING POS SCO’s web-based POS user interfaces (UIs) enables a unique design and optimal flow to support use on SCOs. Fiftytwo provides a customizable UI template for self-checkout machines, enabling forward-looking retail organizations to quickly get up and running with SCOs – with the user interface that best meet their business needs.

The POS Designer also works on SCOs in unattended stores, enabling flow and design to match a store without staff.

Benefits of an SCO-solution


Increase checkout options

Today’s customers are expecting a choice of checkout options. Implementing SCOs as part of your offering will help meet that demand and provide happier customers.


Free up employee time behind the register

With the checkout process in the hands of the customer, your employees get more time for other tasks. This increases store efficiency - as well as employee satisfaction.


Simplify checkout with optimal user interface

An intuitive POS UI Designer enables you to customize your SCO to match your brand and your customers’ needs for easy and fast checkout.


Designing your customer interface to match your brand, your flows and your customers’ needs

With the 52ViKING POS Designer you can customize your SCO look and functionality to suit your organization’s as well as your customers’ exact needs, wants, and environments. It provides retailers with the most required SCO-related functionality out of the box:

  • Language selection with language resource files that you or your preferred translation agency can easily modify to fit organizational style guides or translate into new languages.

  • Self-scanning of articles with barcodes.

  • Article category buttons that let customers quickly buy articles without barcodes, for example a bread roll or an apple. Select a category, for example Fruit, and then simply select the required article and specify required quantity.

  • Simple but powerful article search lets customers search for articles by name or barcode number to quickly select them, for example if part of an article’s barcode is damaged. Entering just the first few characters in an article name is usually enough to find the required article.

  • Payment type selection for autonomous and fast payment.

  • Help function to automatically alert staff if customers need assistance.

  • Login-protected staff interface where staff can quickly and easily help customers delete unwanted articles, correct wrong quantities or prices, grant manual discounts, cancel purchases, etc.

  • Age restrictions on articles to automatically alert staff if a customer’s age must be verified, for example for the customer to be able to buy alcohol.

  • Timeouts with countdown dialogs that automatically return the SCO to its welcome screen if a customer has begun a self-service session but not interacted with the SCO for a configurable period.

Extendable and customizable SCO interface

With the 52ViKING POS Designer, you can easily modify and extend the appearance and functionality of your retail organization’s self-checkout user interfaces to suit the exact needs of your organization and its customers, including:

  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Payment types
  • Loyalty programs
  • Languages

In retail organizations that span multiple chains with separate branding and customer offerings, the 52ViKING POS Designer greatly helps you centralize SCO user interface setup and maintenance and keep workloads at a minimum.

Your SCOs can be set up to work with a wide range of supported best-of-breed SCO hardware and peripherals, including exit gates, LED indicator lights, payment terminals, etc.

Get in touch

Whether you’re looking into implementing SCOs in staffed, unattended, or hybrid stores, get in touch with us for a no-obligation demonstration of 52ViKING’s web-based UI on SCO touchscreens, including how to customize the SCO UI template to suit your organization’s and your customers’ current and future needs.

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