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Connect your store to the future with smart retail technology

Bridging physical retail with innovative digital solutions

Optimize your retail environment with SES-imagotag's state-of-the-art technology. Our suite, featuring Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), the data-centric Captana analytics platform, and the comprehensive VUSION Engage system, streamlines operations and deepens customer engagement. These tools, integrating automated pricing, detailed analytics, and interactive customer experiences, are essential for establishing a modern, connected retail environment that aligns with contemporary shopping dynamics.

Visualize the future:
The connected store experience

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Enhance retail operations with technology: Efficiency, accuracy, and customer engagement


Real-time updates

Automate price and product updates at the shelf in real-time to reduce cost of manual labour


Accurate and dynamic pricing

Eliminate price discrepancies between online and offline, use dynamic pricing to manage competition and run more in-store campaigns with less effort


Improved store efficiency

Optimize in-store operations and save time performing replenishment, inventory checks, picking, online order fulfilment and other daily tasks


Increased shelf availability

Automatically detect out-of-shelf situations, get real-time stock data and close the final gap of your supply chain to ensure products are always available at the shelf

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Digital marketing at the shelf

Enable a fully digitized shelf edge to push digital promotions and influence the buying decision where it matters


Data to drive performance

Gather and act on valuable data to improve your business. Optimize space management, goods flow, campaigns, planogram compliance and much more


Increase your efficiency in daily operations with Connected Stores

In recent years, the retail industry has been under constant pressure. From inflation and disrupted supply chains to competition from new channels and change in consumer behaviour. As an effect, brick-and-mortar retailers have been continuously looking into technology that can help them better manage their stores, make them more efficient and bring in more loyal customers.

In this webinar we will look deeper into the topic of store efficiency and how enabling a connected store can help save time in daily operations while ensuring fully stacked shelves, sales uplift and an enhanced customer experience. 

Partnering for succes


SES-imagotag is the global leader in electronic shelf labels and digital solutions for physical retail. Supporting retailers in their digital transformation to help them better manage and control their stores, making them ultra-connected and ultra-efficient while enabling a true omnichannel in-store shopping experience. All managed through VUSION Cloud, the world’s largest and most advanced retail IoT platform. Fiftytwo is proud to be a partner to SES-imagotag in Denmark and to help you to get your connected store up and running.

Let's optimize your day-to-day operation!

Mikael Haugaard Bakkendorf Hansen


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