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The Fiftytwo showroom

Forget about the usual software demo. Just outside Copenhagen, the Fiftytwo showroom is your portal to retail innovation, where our software solutions meet the latest in hardware and unattended retail technology.

Experience our solutions in action, working seamlessly with hardware from our partners. This space isn’t just for showcasing; it demonstrates the effective combination of Fiftytwo’s software with critical retail hardware, like POS systems, payment devices and our unmanned demo-store.

See our integrated solutions in action
Explore how our POS systems and solutions for unattended stores work in a real setting. Experience firsthand how our software and the selected hardware create efficient and engaging retail environments.

Working together for better solutions
The heart of our showroom is the partnership that drives our innovation. Explore solutions that showcases our collective effort towards improving retail. It's about creating practical solutions that meet today’s retail needs.

Schedule your visit

Plan your visit to Fiftytwo's showroom

To schedule a visit and explore how our solutions can benefit your business, please contact us. Experience the impact of our solutions firsthand by visiting our showroom. Let’s discover how we can help your business thrive.