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Unleash your business with the right POS hardware

More than a Point of Sales solution

Create excellent customer experiences - give your customers the right checkout options. The perfect POS solution materializes in is the coaction between the hardware and the software. With 52ViKING, you get a versatile POS system that supports multiple checkout options. You get the same feature set across all types of devices: traditional tills, mobile POS, self-service checkout (SCOs), and hybrid checkout scenarios with self-scanning devices. 52ViKING POS is fast even when running on minimum required hardware.

With 52ViKING POS, you are never forced to select features based on device capabilities. If you have a favorite feature, like the ability to handle campaign prices, you can trust it to work on all your devices, eventhough it may look a little different on a mobile device than on a large till touch screen, it will work the same way.

a Strong foundation

Point of Sales

A POS solution that operates seamlessly all the time is vital in a retail business. Besides running smoothly, your POS solution should be able to adapt to your specific needs and be easy to manage by your staff. 52ViKING is a robust system with a user-friendly interface. It runs offline and updates when online again, ensuring it is possible to sell at all times. The solution makes it possible to connect with your webshop and customer club.
Sell Whenever, Wherever

Mobile POS

Reduce the line at the checkout and fulfill your customer's convenience expectations. Mobil POS is changing the traditional, more transactional-based sales. A mobil POS solution can help you heighten your service level by greeting your customers anywhere in your store. Our mobile POS consists of an android unit, M50 Mobile Computer, from Elo running our POS system 52ViKING. 52ViKING for mobile POS has the same features as 52ViKING running on a traditional POS, but is developed as an app that works on smartphones, tablets, or other types of wireless devices.

Flexible and efficient service


Consumers are increasingly demanding flexibility and efficiency when shopping. They want different buying and paying options, and queues to be as short as possible. In collaboration with Diebold/Nixdorf, we offer a modern Self Checkout (SCO) solution to improve customer service by making checkout faster and more convenient. To create the best checkout experience, we have also partnered with ITAB, which pushes the industry boundaries by designing some of the best checkout arenas e.g. express checkout with few items, flexible checkout with self-scan solutions with conveyor belt.

empower your customers

Mobile Selfscanning

Improve the traditional sales situation with a higher level of service by meeting the customers where they are. A self-service solution lets your customer scan their products and purchase them on their own. 52ViKING connects a mobile self-scan app to your other sales channels and lets you meet customer demands for more flexible ways of shopping, which ultimately gives a better buying experience. Your customers use their phones to find products, scan, add them to the basket, and pay for them.


Tech Partners

Don’t limit yourself to end-to-end solutions. Pick the hardware and microservices you prefer and love, and build your technological foundation that best fits your needs. 52ViKING is the core of your technical foundation and connects all the dots to provide the best solution precisely for you.

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