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Streamline your retail operations with Fiftytwo POS solutions

Boosting retail performance

Fiftytwo POS solutions offer a comprehensive suite tailored for retailers seeking efficiency and innovation and thrives in unified commerce environments. Our systems, from the dependable 52ViKING POS to the versatile 52ViKING MPOS, are built to enhance sales engagement through technology that speeds up transactions and reinforces operational excellence. The modern tech stack behind our solutions ensures data processing is both swift and reliable, contributing to superior performance.

Our offerings

52ViKING POS - Fiftytwo


A central pillar in retail transactions, the 52ViKING system is equipped to handle high volumes with unmatched efficiency, for a great customer checkout experiences.

Self-checkout - 52ViKING POS SCO - Fiftytwo

Self-checkout (SCO)

Meet customer needs for quick, independent service with our SCO systems, cutting down wait times and enhancing shopper autonomy.

Mobile POS - Fiftytwo

Mobile POS (MPOS)

The 52ViKING MPOS offers the agility to conduct sales on the move, enhancing customer interaction wherever needed within the store or during external events.

Emergency POS - Fiftytwo - Cyber threats

Emergency POS

Built as a reliable fallback, the Emergency POS system ensures business continuity, offering resilience against unexpected system challenges.

POS UI Designer - Fiftytwo

POS UI Designer

Reflect your brand and operational needs with the POS UI Designer. Create an intuitive interface for an efficient user experience – for both staff and customers.

Let’s talk about your POS solutions

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