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HERO hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud – merging edge and the cloud

Hybrid cloud for seamless retail operations

Hybrid cloud solutions are transforming retail operations by marrying the expansive capabilities of cloud computing with the robustness of local infrastructure. This strategic approach enables retailers to harness the speed of cloud-based services while relying on the stability of in-house systems, positioning them to respond nimbly to market changes and consumer demands.

Empowering retail agility with hybrid cloud technology

Why is hybrid cloud essential for retailers today?

Retail thrives on adaptability and efficiency. Hybrid cloud combines the best of cloud computing and on-site systems, offering retailers the tools to expand seamlessly and maintain reliable operations. It's the perfect blend of cloud computing's flexibility and on-premises systems' robustness. For retail operators seeking agility and manageability, it’s the path forward.

What does hybrid cloud deployment mean for your business? 

Embracing hybrid cloud means being equipped to scale operations rapidly in line with customer demand while maintaining the uninterrupted, secure performance of your core business functions.

Key benefits of hybrid cloud for retailers

Hybrid cloud's scalability and resilience are crucial for retailers looking to adapt quickly to changing market demands, mirroring the agility offered by our POS solutions.

Our hybrid cloud strategy is exemplified in our POS solutions, including innovative options for POS, MPOS and unattended stores, enhancing customer loyalty and boosting sales figures.

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Easily scale up or down based on demand without significant upfront costs or lengthy deployments.



Keep your operations running smoothly, even during unexpected disruptions, by leveraging on-premises systems that ensure constant uptime.

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Data control and security

Maintain sensitive information securely on-premises while utilizing the cloud for more flexible data processing and analytics.


Cost efficiency

Optimize expenses by using cloud services for less critical operations and saving on-premises solutions for core business functions.


Selecting the appropriate cloud deployment model

Choosing the right deployment strategy for your POS systems is crucial, demonstrated by our flexible 52ViKING architecture that supports various deployment models. not just about tech specs; it’s about shaping your retail experience. Let’s compare the deployment strategies – SaaS, Private Cloud, Edge, and Hybrid – against key operational needs in retail. See how each one stacks up:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Quick deployment: Get up and running swiftly, with minimal setup required.
  • Operational flexibility: Scale your services to demand without heavy investment.
  • Cost-effective model: Manage expenses better with a subscription-based service that scales with your use.

Edge computing (on-premises)

  • Local processing: Speed up transaction times by processing data close to where it’s collected.
  • Offline resilience: Continue sales without interruption, regardless of central network issues.
  • Cost savings: Limit ongoing costs associated with cloud services by processing transactions in-store.

Private Cloud

  • Enhanced data control: Keep your data closely managed within a secure, private network.
  • Tailored infrastructure: Build an environment that’s precisely configured to your business needs.
  • Scalable resources: Adjust your capabilities to suit business demands, with a focus on security and privacy. 

The hybrid cloud approach

  • A tailored fit: Blend different models to match your retail environment’s specific needs.
  • Strategic resource allocation: Focus on where your systems need the most support, avoiding unnecessary costs. 
  • Optimal balance: Strike the right balance between cost, performance, and scalability.

Our strategic approach lets you tailor a hybrid solution combining SaaS for its rapid deployment, private cloud for unparalleled data control, and edge computing for unmatched transaction speed. This ensures your POS solution is not just equipped for today but ready for future retail challenges.

Our 52ViKING POS architecture supports a range of deployment models, demonstrating our commitment to flexibility in shaping the future of retail.

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Hybrid cloud deployment strategies: enabling smarter POS solutions

Explore hybrid cloud deployment for retail POS in our whitepaper. Discover key strategies for leveraging cloud technology to streamline your operations and enhance customer service, equipping your business for both today and tomorrow.

Key insights 

  • Improve transaction speed and system reliability by combining SaaS and edge computing.
  • Adapt to financial changes with scalable, budget-friendly hybrid models.
  • Scale operations smoothly to meet growing customer needs with flexible infrastructure.
  • Simplify system updates and minimize downtime for steady operations.
  • Maintain continuous customer service with robust offline capabilities of hybrid systems.
  • Balance data management efficiency with rigorous compliance and security standards.

...and many more valuable insights.

Ready to redefine your retail strategy?
Download our whitepaper to gain comprehensive insights into adopting a hybrid cloud model that suits your retail business's unique needs.


Introducing Fiftytwo’s POS solutions within hybrid cloud

Fiftytwo leverages the power of hybrid cloud technology to provide POS solutions that are not only resilient and flexible but also impactful and forward-thinking. Tailored to meet the demands of modern retail, our offerings include:

  • Customized POS solutions: Directly address your operational goals, boost efficiency, and enhance customer interactions with systems designed around your requirements.
  • Unified commerce across channels: Achieve a fluid shopping experience for your customers, fostering loyalty with seamless integration between online and offline touchpoints.
  • Insights for strategic growth: Leverage detailed analytics to make decisions that propel your business forward, optimizing every aspect of operations.
  • Adaptive best-of-breed technology: Implement flexible, cutting-edge solutions that support comprehensive unified commerce, giving you a sharp competitive advantage.
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