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The beauty of any POS solution lies in the integration with other systems. A POS solution requires integrations with numerous other related systems. This is especially true for enterprise-scale POS solutions in unified commerce environments, where the POS solutions must continuously, simultaneously, and at lightning pace interact with other systems through integrations with ERP systems, webshops, loyalty programs, customer apps, payment solutions, and fiscalization services to name but a few.

Here we’ll look closer at some of the many integration options that a 52ViKING POS solution offers. In order not to quickly run out of space, we’ll focus on some of the most requested integrations. However, with 52ViKING the list of possible integration options is practically endless, not least due to 52ViKING’ highly flexible and versatile API-based integration approach. Fiftytwo’s APIs – available in both cloud and on-premise versions – help facilitate virtually any POS-related integration you can imagine now and in the future.


Fiftytwo’s cloud-based 52ViKING Master Data API is the center of our API universe. It facilitates lightning-fast handling of master data about articles, campaigns, customers, stores, etc. This includes continuous ingestion into your POS solution of master data from your organization’s ERP system. Such continuous ingestion via the 52ViKING Master Data API is paramount to keep article information, prices, and discounts incessantly aligned across every sales channel in a unified commerce ecosystem that may include eCommerce, Scan&Go solutions, Click&Collect, loyalty programs, customer apps, etc.

Among Fiftytwo’s other cloud-based APIs, you find a powerful range of APIs that helps enable smooth day-to-day retail business operations: For example, an API for handling receipts and end-of-day reporting, an API for handling orders (including web orders), etc. The APIs follow security best practices and adapt to the oAuth Authentication standard.

Likewise, Fiftytwo’s on-premise APIs provide an abundance of integration options, such as for gift cards, vouchers/coupons, and customer segmentation systems.



Gone are the days when the integration and exchange of article master data and sales transaction data between your organization’s ERP system and your POS solution took place through FTP uploads at scheduled intervals.

Today’s unified commerce environments require instant access to master data, such as article information, prices, discounts, campaigns, etc., to provide a crisply aligned shopping experience across any sales channels that customers may interact with.

Fiftytwo’s unified commerce APIs expertly enable instant and continuous data flows that provide the difference between make and break in the current competitive retail landscape. Notably, our cloud-based 52ViKING master data API provides incredibly speedy ingestion of master data from your ERP system into your 52ViKING POS solution. Furthermore, 52ViKING automatically channels transaction data from all aspects of your POS solution to your organization’s ERP system whenever needed.

At Fiftytwo we know what it takes to succeed in the melting pot between ERP and POS, and we literally have multiple decades of experience with vital, mission-critical integrations between our 52ViKING POS solution and retail organizations’ ERP systems. This includes large ERP industry players like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC and BC365). This experience should not be underestimated as retail organization ERP systems – as well as those ERP systems’ integrations with associated systems for procurement, PIM, accounting, BI, etc. – can be highly complex and sector-specific. They require trusted integrators to have strong and substantial insight into retail organizations’ needs, practices, and requirements for scalability. At Fiftytwo our experienced consultants and project managers have just that.



Fiftytwo offers a wide variety of payment integrations:

  • Integrations with payment terminals
    Fiftytwo offers turnkey POS solution integrations with several tried and trusted, widely used payment terminals. In addition to such ready-to-use integrations, Fiftytwo has vast experience with integrations with numerous other payment terminal types that prevail on specific markets or are the terminals of choice of specific retail chains.

  • Customer-facing payment solutions
    52ViKING seamlessly integrates with customer-facing payment solutions across the board. Highly successful examples from the Nordic region are powerful, yet simple and quick-to-use payment solutions.
Hybrid cloud - integrations - Fiftytwo


Fiscalization is the mandatory reporting of transactions to the authorities. 52ViKING supports integration with fiscalization compliance protocols and requirements in multiple countries, including EFSTA and:

  • Denmark: SAF-T and OCES3 certificates for transaction signing and digital logging.
  • Norway: SAF-T and certificates for transaction signing and digital logging, with support for parameters needed to live up to special requirements on the Norwegian market, such as requirements for receipt reprinting, signature version numbering, relations between services and VAT levels, etc.
  • Sweden: The strict Swedish requirements for digital transaction signing and receipt printing.
  • Germany: TSE and KassenSichV compliance.
  • Poland: Fiscal printer integrations.

Fiftytwo’s POS solution consultants have extensive experience with implementing country-specific fiscalization integrations for enterprise-size retail players operating on multiple geographical markets.



Building lasting relationships with customers is an important key to retail success. Loyalty programs play a crucial role when it comes to attracting and retaining customers as well as gaining a deep understanding of individual customers’ preferences and habits to help your retail organization meet their needs in the best possible way.

52ViKING supports integrations with a wide range of loyalty and reward solutions on several levels:

  • Chains’ own loyalty schemes (which may be partially handled in their ERP and CRM systems).
  • Payment solution and/or digital receipt service-facilitated loyalty services.
  • External enterprise-scale loyalty programs and relationship marketing solutions, such as Cheetah/Marigold.

Loyalty integrations with 52ViKING typically also involve integrations with related sales and communications channels, for example chains’ customer apps where customers can check their points balances, receive targeted offers, etc.

Note that loyalty integrations are not for the fainthearted. They can place extreme demands on POS solutions because loyalty-dependent discount calculations can be highly complex. 52ViKING has a proven track record of being able to rapidly handle even the most demanding POS calculations triggered by complex personalized customer club offers – also when they occur in combination with other potentially competing discounts triggered by, for example, 3-for-2 offers or discount ladders. The 52ViKING basket calculation engine’s unique ability to handle such loyalty-related scenarios speedily and accurately sets it apart from many other POS systems.

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