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Our employees are our strongest asset, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to be influential and to grow in an exciting and challenging working environment, where every single day counts. Therefore, our mantra is: Let’s make it count.

We are very aware of the fact that knowledge is gold, but to us it is just as important that our employees are enthusiastic, passionate and have a positive mindset.

- Bernt Therp, CEO

Our employees consist of a balanced mix of recent graduates and experienced employees who are all focused on being professional. Although we perceive that knowledge is gold, it is just as important to us that our employees are enthusiastic, passionate, and have a positive mindset. We respect each other's differences and give individuals space to be who they are.

We believe that a good balance between work-life and family-life is a crucial prerequisite for having happy and satisfied employees, and therefore we offer personal freedom and a flexible working hours with the opportunity to work from home if needed. In addition, we strive to create a good, inspiring and open environment for our employees with emphasis on well-brewed coffee and delicious lunch as well as offering gym facilities, a massage treatment and health insurance.

We regularly gather all of our colleagues for a wide range of social events, which include board game night, table tennis tournament, Friday bars, summer party, Christmas party and annual kickoff, where we cultivate community and togetherness. Our tone of voice is open and informal, and there is always room for a good laugh.

Our customers are some of the largest and most well-known companies, and our ambition is to play a crucial role in their strategic IT development and provide them with a technological foundation that will move them into the future.


What do we offer you?

  • Skilled and committed colleagues with high professionalism
  • Well-planned onboarding program
  • Good internal development opportunities
  • Flexibility and influence
  • A humorous and informal tone of voice 
  • Fantastic unity and teamwork
  • Social events such as board game nights, Friday bars, summer party and Christmas party 
  • Healthy and delicious lunch and well-brewed coffee
  • Health insurance and a massage system 
  • Fitness center, running team and badminton club

Meet our employees

My colleagues at Fiftytwo are all specialists within their field. It’s amazing to work together with so many competent people and we have great discussions to find the best solutions for our customers.
Bente Dagny Nielsen, Senior Consultant
I value a good working environment, with time for a laugh or two, while having productive discussions. Fiftytwo has the whole package and that’s exactly why I’m proud of being part of the team.
Michael Ta, System Consultant - Retail
The combination of good customers, fantastic colleagues and industry solutions that support the customer's business processes provide energy and the desire to contribute to the Fiftytwo community. As a project manager, I’m involved in all stages of our customer projects.
Winnie Hare Nielsen, D365 Project Manager
Since 1952 we have been experts within industry-specific solutions which I'm proud of taking part in. We’re a house filled with experience that makes us stand strong together as a team.
Jan Johannes Kyhnæb, Business Development Manager

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