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52ViKING POS - Fiftytwo

A POS solution that empowers your retail business

Supporting the customer experience with the right technology

The point of sale software (POS) is essential to any retailer – large or small. A POS system that meets the needs of the retailer not only provides more optimal conditions for the business and its employees – it also supports the customer journey in the store or chain.

Speed and stability

Empower your business with a fast and stable point of sale system for retailers. 52ViKING is widely used and tested, with more than three million transactions seamlessly going through the system every day. The solution is built with a modern tech stack, which compiles the data and makes the translation to machine code up to 50 percent faster than other programming languages, giving a low average scan time.

The speed of 52ViKING brings benefits to both customers and retailers. Low scan times and fast transactions support the good customer experience and can prevent loss of sales. From an administration perspective, the speed and accuracy of pushing a campaign to several stores not only provides peace of mind to retailers, but also ensures that customers can trust prices – no matter where they shop with you.


A high-performing technological foundation.

Years of retail experience
Stores running
4700 +
Tills running
16000 +
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Unleash your business with a mobile POS solution

Deliver efficient service, better guidance, and a more personal shopping experience with a mobile POS system. Bring the buying situation to the customers, and let them pay anywhere, enabling queue busting and increasing additional sales.


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The 52ViKING service platform is the cornerstone of our headless POS offering. The service platform consists of services and APIs that together enable smooth and seamless retail operations on all levels from individual POSs across stores and chains to full-fledged unified commerce. The service platform uses the same logic and pricing engine across channels to support endless aisles and seamless, highly flexible customer journeys across all touchpoints.

  • Store services enable local web-based management in stores, store-specific integrations as well as fully headless POS services through APIs.

  • Central services include the advanced and extremely fast 52ViKING pricing engine that easily handles even highly complex discount scenarios, the Emergency POS add-on solution that can keep your stores running during cyberattacks as well as the powerful, cloud-based Master data API and other integration options that are typically centralized on a chain level with customization options to suit the needs of individual stores.

  • POS services ensure that even the most complex price scenarios are calculated extremely fast and in the same manner, regardless of where the POS engine is deployed, and regardless of whether it serves in-store or digital solutions. Retail POS services also facilitate daily in-store operations, for example returns handling. If deployed for digital sales channels, such as webshops, POS services enable two-step pricing.

All services under the service platform can run in the cloud or on-premise (edge computing) as well as in any required combination.


Unleash your business’ full potential with omnichannel APIs

Running unified commerce with physical and online stores is often associated with difficulties in correct pricing across channels. Discounts, personal offers, and loyalty points are just some parameters that provide complexity. All parameters need to be taken into account with lightning speed to ensure that customers always get the correct prices no matter where and when they shop. But how does that work? The answer is Fiftytwo’s omnichannel APIs that help integrate different systems.

Fiftytwo offers two series of powerful APIs that let you work intelligently and flexibly with all aspects of your unified commerce environment:

  • APIs hosted by us: Read more about our cloud-based APIs here
  • APIs hosted by you: Read more about the series for on-premise use here

If you don't have software development skills in your organization, please reach out to us and a Fiftytwo consultant can help your organization use the APIs.

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Use our platform to differentiate your commercial business strategy. 52ViKING contains a vast API-driven feature pack that will give you endless combination options. Use our standard solution to create and customize a unique and flexible POS solution to support your continuously evolving business. 

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Dynamic pricing

We know it is vital that prices are always correct. 52ViKING supports a dynamic approach to structuring prices and campaigns such as loyalty group prices, individual prices, and specific promotions. Price changes take effect on all channels almost instantly and can be corrected as many times a day as necessary.

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Promotion & discounts

Boost the unified customer experience. With 52ViKING your customers can use gift cards, and vouchers both in-store and online, reserve online, pickup in-store (ROPIS), buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), and buy online, return in-store (BORIS).

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User flexibility

Make everyday setups easier. Unlock your backend settings. With 52ViKING POS, you can configure any user security level needed for your organization’s staff roles, local procedures, till key levels, etc.

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Multiple outlet options

Same core across all devices. With 52ViKING you get the same till feature set across all types of outlet clients: traditional physical tills, mobile POS, self-service checkouts (SCOs), hybrid checkout scenarios with self-scanning devices, etc.

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Real-time overview

An overview in your directly in your administration interface. You can view and monitor live data from every till in your stores in a single drill-down overview in 52ViKING. The data is actionable. If you spot an error or an opportunity for optimization, you can act on it straight away - a vital feature, especially when running self-service checkouts (SCOs).

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Automated end-of-day procedures

52ViKING handles store end-of-day procedures automatically and with enterprise-scale capacity for stores and chains in a 24-hour operation. The Till user interfaces provide features that speed up manual processes, such as turnover report printing and cash balancing – in multiple currencies if required.

Want more details on your next retail point of sale system?

Let us show you how the integrated and fast POS solution works in practice in our showroom.

From clarification to implementation and operation

Transparency is key when engaging in a new project, such as implementing a new platform into an existing IT landscape. To align expectations and ensure the best possible match, we always follow the same process model across all our solutions.


Streamlining the payment process at Europris

When Norwegian retail chain Europris sought a new POS system, prioritizing scalability, flexibility, and reliability, they initially looked for a local Norwegian supplier. However, after thorough evaluation, they chose Fiftytwo as their preferred supplier due to the advanced design and features of their POS system, 52ViKING.

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