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POS UI Designer - Fiftytwo

Take control of your POS design

POS UI design

Ensure a seamless process execution throughout your whole organization

There are a lot of different workflows for different departments in your retail business when it comes to the POS system. How do you ensure everybody, from administration to shop assistants, can understand and follow these workflows to enable the best outcome for your customers and, thereby, your business? Additionally, in times with self-checkout and SCAN & GO, customers are suddenly in direct contact with your POS, making it even more important for retailers to have an intuitive and customized POS design.

With the 52ViKING POS Designer, you can now take control of your POS design and customize it to the needs of your organization. This empowers you to execute and adapt campaigns effectively while ensuring a positive user experience and streamlined operations.

The benefits of using the 52ViKING POS Designer

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Adjust to your company's workflows

From many pricing campaigns to many returns, whatever your workflow, you can now adapt the design to the features that make sense in your specific set-up.


Customize your company's look and feel

With this flexible POS designer, you can make sure that your brand shines through throughout all touchpoints - both internally and externally.

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Organize layouts for all screen sizes

The design works for all screen sizes, so your employees and customers will have a great experience on all devices, including a mobile POS.


Access quickly and easily via a standard browser

If the design needs to be updated, you can easily access the 52ViKING POS Designer via a standard browser, making it accessible from almost everywhere.

Using the POS UI Designer – simple and easy

Whether you need to add functionalities or make your screens match your brand better, you can easily do so with the POS UI Designer.  
Below find three examples of the ease with which you can use it for your specific task.

Do you want more information?

Read more about the 52ViKING POS Designer in our technical product sheet