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Unattended stores embrace the future needs of retail

A great shopping experience
- anywhere, anytime

Grow your business with a complete unattended shop solution. 52UNATTENDED combines some of the best solutions within interior, hardware, software, and security. Broaden your geographical reach, extend opening hours and increase revenue with your unattended shop.



Unattended shop solutions

The need for unattended shops is growing, and we expect to see a rise in unattended retail within the coming years. Unattended shops – or unmanned shops as they are also called – are shops without cashiers and personnel. They are installed with self-service technology that allows customers to enter the shop at any time, scan their items, and pay at checkout. At Fiftytwo, we offer two solutions for unattended retail: a shop in shop solution and a satellite shop.

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Shop in shop
Satellite shop
Uses full existing shop or closed shop front area for unattended shopping outside opening hours
Large unattended permanent/flexible shop solution with custom design for high-end shopping experience

Check-in & out software with high security
Door opening system

Check-in & out software with high security
Door opening system

Shop interior
Your own
High-end standard setup or your own
52ViKING or your own
52ViKING or your own
Solution fit
Established store
High-end satellite shopping experiences
Go to market
1 month
3 months/4 weeks (after paper work)

Navigating the new era of retail with unattended shops

This article delves into the rise of SCO and the growing need for unattended shops. Get deeper insights into our solution for unattended retail, security, everyday operation, FAQ, and the process of getting started with your unattended shop.

Benefits of 52UNATTENDED



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Customer platform

GDPR-compliant customer platform where customers can give or revoke consent, find personal offers, access digital receipts, and raise potential incidents.


Extended opening hours

Thanks to extended opening hours, you can increase your revenue since customers are not bound to your opening hours but can shop at any time of day. 


Geographic expansion

Unattended shops can be located wherever there is a need for them giving customers the opportunity to shop even at remote locations.


All IT vendors in one

All IT vendors are consolidated into one support line, making your everyday operation easier. You can tailor the support solution to your exact needs, from basic support to expanded support on weekends. 

Curious how your business can benefit from 52UNATTENDED?

Customer flow

Once the customer has used proper ID to enter the unmanned shop, they can make their purchases in the store, check out, and exit as any other shopping experience. Take a look below.

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Put your mind at ease

Security in an unattended store

We offer four levels of security for our unattended solutions. These levels range from an unknown user swiping their credit card to requiring a personal PIN code and a MitID-validated profile (or other nationality solutions) in addition to the credit card. To choose the appropriate level of security, we recommend looking into risks related to the area of your shop and your products. If you have any questions regarding our different security levels, don’t hesitate to reach out. 


When considering investing in an unattended shop, questions regarding daily operations arise. In dialogue with customers, we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions concerning unattended retail.


Getting started with an unattended shop

All you need to establish an unattended shop is a location and power access. When that’s in place, you can use this four-step guide to get started with your unattended shop:

  • Choose shop model 
  • Choose security level
  • Choose tech stack
  • Choose support solution 

To deliver the best possible project, we need insights into your business vision. Together, we’ll find the right fit for you regarding shop model and design, the need for security and support, new POS or integrating your existing POS, and so on. Getting started with unattended retail takes from 1-3 months depending on the solution, that fits your business.

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