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Welcome to our retail, e-Commerce, and leasing toolbox. Here you can download analyzes, articles, tests, guides, and tools within the business area (or areas) that has your interest. We are constantly expanding our knowledge database as technology and the market change. The focal point is always to inspire and create value that can strengthen your business.


Do you want to know more about how to increase sales in your retail business? Get more loyal customers? What should you be aware of when establishing the technological foundation of your retail chain? Or how to support your business with the right IT solutions? Download our retail tools and guides and get in-depth answers to questions like these.


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Are you considering an integrated webshop and ERP solution but are in doubt whether it is worth the investment? Would you like to know more about how you can support your business with omnichannel? Or how you can optimize the customer experience with a map of the customer journey? It is topics like these we dive into in our e-Commerce tools - and guides.

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Which IT infrastructure should you choose for your leasing system? How do you steer clear of pitfalls when choosing a new leasing system? Does your current leasing system work optimally for your business? How much can you save by switching leasing system? Take our test, try our calculator or download our articles and guides.

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