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The perfect omnichannel experience.

Many retailers talk about creating the perfect omnichannel experience – but what is omnichannel really? We’ll explain what omnichannel means at Fiftytwo and how we operate with the term.

Throughout the years, we have delivered omnichannel POS solutions which have given our customers the possibility of connecting all their channels. Nowadays, many retailers do not only have a POS, but they also have a web shop.

The Fiftytwo omnichannel experience gives you a transparent interaction between all your sales channels, so that the customers meet the same product with the same price, across all your sales channels.

So how can our omnichannel POS solution help your company improve? We’ve listed some of the benefits here:

  • Get a seamless and more efficient system
  • Price management across all channels
  • Discount management across all channels - both in store and online
  • Integrated customer experience offline and online


Our 52RETAIL omnichannel POS solution cannot only help you get a better solution, it can also give your customers a better experience. This solution makes it easier for your customers in many ways. One of the advantages is that it allows them to shop online and return in the nearest store, instead of having to send the package by mail.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we can create a seamless experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

The right price at the right time to the right person.

Prices, discounts & Campaigns.

Our omnichannel solution connects all your sales channels and display the same prices, discounts and campaigns across all your channels at the same time. Using one business logic you can manage your data from one touch point assure that you have the same prices, discounts and campaigns across all your sales channels, both on your website and on your shelf markers.
More loyal customers.
Less hassel.


Using one business logic we can offer loyalty programs based on customer behavior gathered from our central engine. A great benefit from using one business logic is the possibility of giving your customers personalized offers, making them feel special.
Centralized overview of your business.
No surprises.

Retail operations & logistics.

With one business logic you can get a complete overlook of your business and manage your data from one touch point. Keeping your master data gathered on one central database you can manage all your data and give your customers the products they came for and making it easier for your employees to use our Click & Collect function. This function allows your customers to order products from home and pick it up in the store. It integrates with your shelf markers, so your employees can gather the ordered products faster and without trouble.
Extraordinary customer experiences.
In no time.

Giftcards & Vouchers.

Our solution can also manage gift cards and vouchers that connected to all your sales channels. Vouchers distributed from your webshop can be used in your physical store and vice versa. This gives you a connected business and simplifies the buying process for your customers
Multiple sales channels. One business logic.

Connected Retail.

Connected retail gives you the opportunity to always offer your customers personalized prices, discounts and offers, based on their buying habits. With our solution you can access all your data from the central data model and get a complete overview of the buying habits of your customers. An easier buying process that will allow your customers to buy on web and return in store.

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