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Over the years, we have provided customers with omnichannel solutions that have enabled them to connect all their channels.

With our omnichannel solutions 52RETAIL and 52eSELLER, you can offer your customers personalized prices, discounts, and offers based on their buying behavior. You can access all data and get a complete overview of the customer's buying behavior. The sales processes become easier for all parties, as our solution is connected across the webshop and physical store.

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The right price, on the right time, for the right person - everytime


Our omnichannel solution connects all your sales channels, which means control all your data from the same place. This ensures that prices, discounts, and campaigns always are the same and are updated at the same time across your channels, e.g., on your webshop and your shelf markers.

It can give you several competitive advantages to streamline business processes on pricing and price management. One of the benefits is that it can instill great credibility when your customers get a satisfying experience where prices, discounts, and promotions are reliable.

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Access to valuable customer data


Using one business logic we can offer loyalty programs based on customer behavior gathered from our central engine. A great benefit from using one business logic is the possibility of giving your customers personalized offers, making them feel special. It is no good if your customers do not get the discount you promised them. If that happens, they will be likely to leave you again in a hurry - and it will be extra challenging for you to win them back.

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Your customers expects and deserves it


Your customers deserve the best customer experience - without any obstacles. But it requires that you are in control of your foundation and have the right infrastructure to build your business on. That way, you get transparent sales channels, and your business appears as a unified brand, ensuring that your customers are always met with the same information and price anywhere, anytime!

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Make it easy for your customers


Our solution can combine gift cards and vouchers with your system and is connected across all your sales channels. This means that vouchers, for example, can be issued from your webshop and used in your physical store and vice versa. This gives you an affiliate business and simplifies the buying process for both customers and employees.

Customers expects to be able to shop across your channels. Therefore this is a crucial element.

Centralized overview of your business. No surprises


With one business logic you can get a complete overlook of your business and manage your data from one touch point. It gives you a very accurate idea of what items you have in stock so that your customers do not go in vain. Besides, it allows you to show in your webshop and your POS what the stock availability is and where a given item is available. One of the worst customer experiences is to show up in a store expecting that an item is in stock, and then it turns out that it is not available anyway. Such a negative experience is hard to change into a positive one.


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What is omnichannel?

Implementing an omnichannel way of thinking is an emerging tendency within retail, but was, does it exactly entail? It is challenging to seek a clear definition of the term “omnichannel” because it is still relatively new. 

With this guide however, we will try to explain what omnichannel means more explicitly and to show you how an omnichannel way of thinking can be valuable for your business. 


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