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Retail Dialogues by Fiftytwo

Get the latest global retail trends fresh from New York City!

In January, the world’s largest retail trade association, NRF (National Retail Foundation), hosted retail’s big show; NRF 2024. The retail tradeshow brings together more than 6200 brands from around the world for three days of learning, collaboration and discovery.

 Highlights from the event reveal 3 main trends:

  • Sustainability and repair practices
  • Mobile POS in fashion, beauty and DIY
  • Creating experiences, not just sales

Join Retail Dialogues when Ivo Ølstørn from Onitio, Norway and Fiftytwo’s Søren Brammer Riis share and discuss these and more trends, news and experiences from the big apple.



Retail Dialogues: Get the latest global retail trends fresh from New York City!
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Who is it relevant to and what can you expect?

If you are curious about the future of retail, the possibilities of new technologies, and the direction new trends is setting, then join this episode of Retail Dialogues. You can expect to get the latest insights on new technologies as well views on how to work with them – now or in the future.

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The latest in global retail


The future of retail technology


What can we implement – short and long term


Questions and talk with audience 

Meet our guests

In this episode, Ivo Ølstørn from Onitio and our own Søren Brammer Riis will present and discuss the latest retail trends as they experienced them at NRF 24.

Ivo Ølstørn
Product & Service Manager at Onitio

Ivo Ølstørn

Ivo remains at the forefront of emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies that shape the retail industry, offering invaluable insights from both the consumer and retailer perspectives. His strategic collaboration extends beyond retail to encompass production, logistics, and transport, influencing retailers to enhance efficiency and minimize costs through innovative technological solutions.

Søren Brammer Riis

Søren is Fiftytwo’s Sales & Marketing Director. He has worked in sales centered around user journey software most of his career, focusing on creating outstanding shopping experiences while growing businesses.

Retail Dialogues

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